Restricted access if project's parent folder have the same name as the project's folder

There is an error of how Scrivener check it’s project folder.

Look here:

C:\Users\John\Desktop\test.scriv\test.scriv |-- Files\ |-- QuickLook\ |-- Settings\ |-- Snapshots\ |-- test.scrivx

The first test.scriv is just a general Windows folder, manually created by me. I could give it another name, but for some reason, I prefer to call it test.scriv.

And the second test.scriv is a real Scrivener project folder with all it’s files.

And so, we come to the bug. If I try to compile project into “first” test.scriv folder, there will be an error. Here is desired result, which is, as I said, will not be permitted:

C:\Users\John\Desktop\test.scriv\test.scriv |-- output.mmd

And here is an error message (though, I believe, developers actually know it and so there is no real need to quote it here):

Win7, last version of Scrivener

This is not a bug. Let me explain:

  1. You have a box full of files that you want to order (compile).
  2. You start the ordering process and start putting the files back in the box, to take out the next file.
  3. The next file you pull out is your newly ordered file, so you put it back.
  4. You pull out another file and then have to pull out the ordered file, put the new file in the ordered file and put it back into the box.
  5. Repeat until all files have been ordered, including the ordered file.
  6. You get stuck in a loop trying to figure out if you are working on a new, unordered file or the ordered file.

This is why you want to put the compiled file outside of the .scriv folder. Make sense?