Resuscitating Novel after switching from Mac to Windows

Dear Scrivener Hive Mind,

I recently purchased Scrivener again after switching from Mac to Windows. When I tried to import my novel from Dropbox, the chapter structure seemed to come across, however there’s nothing in them!!! :blush: :imp: :open_mouth:

After having a good sized freak out, I went back into Dropbox and did some investigation…

The chapter text seems to be there, but it’s all in a format I don’t understand , and kind of all over the place.

Is there an easy way to save my 35 or so chapters?

Thanks so much for your help!


  • Make sure you’ve installed the Dropbox software on the Windows machine. This should create a “Dropbox” location in Windows Explorer.

  • Install the Windows Scrivener 3 beta, which can open the current Mac Scrivener 3 format. You can download the beta here:

  • Make sure that Dropbox has finished syncing. Find the Dropbox folder in Windows Explorer, and look for the project inside it.

  • When you find it, launch Scrivener 3 and open the project as you normally would.