All display related bugs remain. This exhibits an appalling disregard for quality. Unacceptable. No, I don’t need to be nice. This is commercial software. As writers, do you say in response to criticism: “I didn’t have time to correct grammar.” “I didn’t have time to make sure that the lead character’s chronology was consistent with the plot.”

The setup app is unreadable at all times. None of the displayed text can be seen. It’s minor, but it is the first thing a user sees. It would be like printing the title page of your novel with ink blobs and saying, “Well, you skip the title page once you are reading.”

All of the display bugs on high resolution display remain. The sections in the property pane don’t display properly and can barely be read because all of the text is clipped. Toolbars are usable but with tiny icons. The status bar and its buttons are all but invisible.

You have known about these problems for months. Other software developers have solved this. Adequate knowledge exists to create software for these displays. You’ll say that it is the fault of the cross-platform graphics library you are using. Demand fixes from that developer. Code around it. Cease using it. “It’s so hard…” “I don’t have a high resolution display computer”–get one!

At a minimum, you could drop the Windows version altogether and become a Mac shop. You’ll lose some customers. But, you’ll lose them anyway so at least be honest that you have no intention to support the platform. That is a valid and reasonable choice.

You could state that Windows version is a perpetual beta. This really is unsatisfactory, but it would be honest. You indicate that 1.9 is released: not a beta, not a candidate. I waited several months; that’s ok–it takes work. If you indicate you’ll make necessary improvements then it is fair to release when you are ready.

You are not ready. You don’t care.

I’m sorry that you’re sad. I get sad about things, too, but usually they’re things that matter, or that I have no control over.

Your primary argument, about not having a resolution fix by now is akin to a person who buys a new Ferrari and wonders why a company that has only ever made tires for station wagons doesn’t yet have tires for the Ferrari. Then that person complains that it’s the fault of the tire company for not buying a Ferrari so that they can test out new tire designs on it.

It’s not L&L’s fault that you bought a high-resolution monitor when they are creating an app that is used for a task that can be done on a monochome CRT monitor from the 1980s. Why would one need a high-res monitor for text input? Does it help you better distinguish between the letters?

Sorry if I’m coming off as snippy or sarcastic, but when someone complains that a company isn’t doing everything it can to cater to that one individual (or tiny subset of customers), then it kind of rankles. Hopefully someone else can come on here and give you an actual reason why you’re acting like a child, because I can’t honestly find one.

Well said. I understand that there is an alternative hypothesis, but I think the Emperor gave you those wings by design …

Well, lcl’s post was made in anger (I was busted for that on another software forum today), and the anger may or may not have been justified. Counter-flaming likewise gets us nowhere.

I can imagine having a hi-res display even if it’s not needed just for putting words on the screen. Maybe just because I want one, and I like to have some lovely images around when I’m writing. Maybe I’m writing scripts for videos or video games, and need to see how the finished product looks. If all my other stuff was working on the hi-res, but my writing-organizing tool was not, I’d be annoyed too.

That said, it remains true that most of us Windows users are having good experiences with Scrivener and its interface. I have no idea what are the implications of getting to a programming library that supports hi-res, but I assume it takes time and money to do so. I didn’t see any promises that Scrivener 1.9 would work well on hi-res (and I may just have missed them). It is getting old for hi-res users to have to find workarounds, I’m sure; but unless you really know the details of the programming, it’s hard to see how demanding that an entire business model be built around this one need is reasonable.

Isn’t there a fix for this here?

The reason we windows users stick with Scrivener, despite some limitations, is that it offers a suite of functionality that is simply not available in any other software.

Honestly I just bought a brand new laptop today because my old one completely died. I am having the same issues described above and had no idea it was because I have some fancy high resolution display…and I didn’t buy the laptop for the high res display. So I’m pretty disappointed Scrivener isn’t running correctly on the new computer. :frowning:

Couple of things:
(1) The whole high res monitor thing stems from the MS Windows implementation of scaling which isn’t quite there yet.
(2) There are workarounds that someone nicer than me has posted elsewhere which means that Scrivener will continue to work and look awesome.
(3) Scrivener is built on version 4.8 of the Qt framework (the latest at the time) which doesn’t have the libraries to deal as well with high res fixes to compensate for MS’s scaling problems as the 5.x versions of Qt. They’ll upgrade to the latest framework, I’m sure, but it involves going through everything again. I’d be amazed if it was done outside of a major paid update (3.x).
(4) You say “you don’t have to be nice” and accuse L&L of “not caring”. Can I suggest that - instead of thinking of L&L as the evil Empire - you think of them as a plucky band of rebels. If you imagine KB as Han Solo, you won’t go far wrong.

Which presumably means Jaype is Leia and AmberV is Chewie?

I call dibs on the Sarlaac

And for the benefit of ndezan167 and others who may need the workarounds, one of the nice people’s posts is here.

That’s not entirely accurate. Using the native Windows frameworks – especially the modern apps framework – does solve the scaling issue neatly, legacy Win32 less so. The problem really is in the version of the Qt framework.

That’s not my experience.

Even core elements of the Windows itself look bad / difficult on some resolutions (depending on what version of Windows you are using).

Hmmm… I’d kind of figured myself as Boba Fett, so I guess that makes us mortal enemies now?

Depends on your view of EU material, I suppose, but really, if you’re Fett, how do you let yourself get into that situation in the first place? You know exactly what Luke is capable of, because you saw Jedi capabilities when your father was killed. You’re wearing a jetpack. As soon as Luke has the lightsaber in hand, why not just fly away? Why are you so loyal to Jabba that you let yourself be jobbed so severely?

I do not accept episodes 1-3 as canon. And I’m pretty sure I escape in one of the short stories.
And anyway, it’s not loyalty to Jabba; its professional pride. Paid to do a job? Stay to do the job.

Loyalty schmoyalty … wotevva!

Ciao Jabba :wink:

I don’t like the prequels much, either (there was a supercut somewhere I saw once that cut out almost everything, leaving 20-30 minutes of not-horribly edited total prequel footage), but they’re still canon.

For the other part, though, the only job Fett was paid to do was deliver Solo to Jabba. After that, he was just hanging out at Jabba’s palace, basically mooching like all the other guys there. He had no stakes in the fight between Luke and Jabba’s people.

Headcanon: Fett was paid to be there, but not by Jabba.

Vadar is obviously aware, following the events of Empire, that Luke and Co have escaped. Luke has already tried to rescue Solo once, so Vadar believes Luke’ll go after Solo again.

We also know that Vadar has a previous working relationship with Fett, and that long range communication is possible.

So, after the events of Empire, Vadar calls Fett, tells him what’s happened, and told him to keep an eye on Solo, notify him if Luke shows, and capture him alive if at all possible.

They just don’t show any of that in the movie.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it! :smiley:

Haha, I can’t take seriously any theories from someone who doesn’t know how to spell Vader. One of the most iconic characters in any fiction medium of the last 100 years! Side note, interesting theory, but don’t think Vader would rely on Fett for this.

Wasn’t it Fett that clued Vader into cloud city?

As much as I hate myself for saying it, piggy is correct since that sets precedent for Fett being in the employ of Vader.

:blush: last time I use voice dictation!