SB2: BUG: Edit Scrivenings font change not possible

When you select Edit Scrivenings and then highlight the whole text, I cannot change the font. Font changes on a partially selected text works, though.

Steps to reproduce

  1. From the Draft, select a section, click on Edit Scrivenings.

  2. Select whole text (either with CMD-A, or Edit --> Select All)

  3. Text --> Font --> Show Fonts

  4. Select desired font. Nothing happens.

Desired behaviour
Font should change depending on user’s preference.

Off-topic thanks note: Keith, I am in love with the full screen mode, among other things…Thank you.

This absolutely, 100%, expected and fine-and-dandy behaviour. :slight_smile: The only lack is in the documentation.

Let me explain: in Edit Scrivenings mode, you cannot make changes across scrivenings. Try hitting delete or typing when everything is selected - that, too, will do nothing. The reason is simple: suppose you select some text that crosses the boundary of two documents, and then start typing - should the replacement text belong to the first or second document? Or suppose you replace the end of one block, the whole of the next, and the start of the next, and then hit delete - should the middle document get deleted? Surely Edit Scrivenings shouldn’t make such choices. Moreover, there are extra characters in an E.S. session that don’t exist in your documents - the newlines that separate the blocks. Thus, you are not allowed to edit across blocks of text, only within them. These limitations just naturally affect attributes too.

I have, however, added a system beep so that when you try to do something like this that is not allowed, you at least get some feedback that it is not allowed rather than being confused that nothing has happened.

Hope that makes sense. If you want to change the font to multiple documents, do so through the convert attributes feature in the Edit menu - this will update all Edit Scrivenings documents.

All the best,

I just chuckled remembering the oft-repeated joke “It’s a feature, not a bug.” :slight_smile:

This makes sense, absolutely. Another example of how much deep thought and attention to detail had gone into Scrivener.