Scapple for iOS

I was sitting down for a lecture when my prof wrote up a diagram on the board and I thought to myself…I really need scapple right now. I didn’t have my laptop on me, I only had my iPod.

Scapple for iOS, should it ever be created should allow a user to draw diagrams in addition to making mental maps. this would make stand apart on the iOS ecosystem. I also think this feature should be available to scapple on Yosemite but that’s for another day…


It’s something we’d like to do one day (and it will be a whole lot easier to do that Scrivener for iOS), but we need to get Scrivener for iOS finished and honed first.

I think in addition to Scapple’s clearly unique mind-mapping capabilities, it’d be neat if scapple had some rudimentary drawing capabilities. Rudimentary I stress, not photoshop. Simple things like drawing circles or squares around ideas, making arrows (that have arrow heads), drawing lines and sketching. I think these capabilities alongside what Scapple already has would make it unique.

There are no plans for anything like that, sorry. :slight_smile:

I just want to add my voice to the apparently very very small group of potential users of Scapple on iOS. The iPad or iPhone is such a good match for free form note-taking and spatial organization of ideas. There a lots of mind mapping tools already on the market, but these normally force you to make relationships when you may not be ready to do so, or they try to auto-arrange your ideas in a way that may not make any sense. I use my iPad / iPhone for free-form, creative thinking, while I use my Mac or PC for writing. I don’t see myself using something as advanced as Scrivener on an iPad or iPhone… but that is just me.


Our iOS developer is very much up for making Scapple for iOS, don’t worry. We just have to focus on Scrivener first, given our limited resources and the demand for that is much higher. I do agree that Scapple would work very nicely on a mobile device, though.


If you need anything to make this dream of Scapple for iOS come true, just tell !

Money, food, dogs, doughnuts… whatever you need you’ll have :smiley:


My vote also for Scapple of Ipad. It would be great the whole screen for mapping with Scapple.
Please, finish the Scrivener Ipad version soon !!


Wait, doughnuts?

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While waiting for Scapple for iPad, with the immediate simplicity of the Mac version, I’m trying to do the same with two apps: iThoughts and MagicalPad.

The first one is the great mind-mapping software we all know. When tapping on the table, you have the option to create a freefloating element, that is more or less equivalent to Scapple’s notes. Unfortunately, you cannot choose its style before inserting it, so you always end up with bubble notes, that I really don’t like. Applying style has to be done after inserting.

MagicalPad, by default, inserts a rectangular note, but there is something I don’t like in that app (dragging does not happen with the smooth motion typical of the iPad, and something rough that makes the experience less pleasant).

Both are very capable apps that can surrogate Scapple, with a bit of adaptation, while we wait for it. I’ve already imported several diagrams from iThoughts to Scapple and Scrivener.


I’m in the interesting position of considering a new phone. If Scapple is likely to appear on iPhones, that will make the choice to move from Android more clear. However, is there a plan to have Scapple on Android as well?

I’m a Scrivener user, and I discovered Scapple a few days ago. I found this app great, and I wanted to acquire it, but I immediately saw the limitation of platform sharing.
I won’t buy this software until an iOS version will be available. I write on the mac, but I want to be able to think freely before, wherever I’m, and with whichever peripherical I’ve with me, at work, at the restaurant, in a coffee shop, during a meal with friends, etc. I want to be able to access to my “korkboard” whenever I want, when I’ve an idea.
In fact, in the meantime, I’m looking at web korkboards, like Padlet, or Popplet. Their functionalities are far from Scapple, and they lack this kind of instinctiveness approach of creation. But they’re accessible from any peripherical with a web browser. But I’ve also a feeling of frustration, loosing my time, knowing I will have to redo the work, not being able to transfer easily the information.
I read that the iOS resources are fully dedicated on Scrivener iOS version. I’m not sure I will use Scrivener on iOS, but I’m sure I will use Scapple on iOS.
Some kind of integration with the future Timeline 2 could be great too, being able to brainstorm on Scapple, move events and infos on the timeline to give structure, and then move to Scrivener, Great!
And I’m ready to pay more than the current price to have both platforms available (Mac and iOS).

It would be lovely to bring Scapple to iOS, but it will be some time before we can consider doing so. After wasting the best part of five years trying to work with other developers to create Scrivener for iOS, I’m now doing it myself. Once that’s done, I need to finish our next version of Scrivener for Mac (while our Windows developer finishes the Windows version). And then there are some updates I need to make the Mac version of Scapple. So I think an iOS version of Scapple will depend on (1) how well the iOS version of Scrivener sells and (2) whether we can find a good second Cocoa developer to come on board.

Many thanks for your interest!

All the best,

I knew it was too good to be true, that I’ve been using this superb software on my Mac every day, but only - it seems - in my dreams …

D’oh! And edited. But clearly I’ve now spent so much time coding for iOS that I’m mixing up my platforms…

Thank you Keith for your quick answer. It is not a good one regarding the deadline, but I can live with :slight_smile:
In the meantime, and having looked a lot on internet, I’ve finally decided to work with Realtimeboard web site. Pretty straightforward, very simple, only a few tools, and free for a limited usage. Templates are not bad too. I love the zoom function (like in Google maps, with gestures), and the “infinite” board.
I wish you all the best for your work on Scrivener, Mac, PC or iPad!!

I’m really, really craving for Scapple on iOS! I hope this will be L&L’s next big goal after the success of Scrivener for iOS. Scapple is like yin to Scrivener’s yang! And it will be very much at home on a mobile platform, the perfect device for brainstorming.

In the mean time: does anyone have a good alternative for Scapple on iOS?

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It’s not quite the same, but MindNode is the obvious recommendation.

That said, if you have an iPad and a stylus, I’ve actually been pretty satisfied with Paper by 53. It’s more of an illustration app, but it also has some wireframing tools that can be pretty effective, if you want to use it as more of a whiteboard.

Add me to the list of people who would love to buy a version of Scapple for my iPad. :smiley:

I would settle for a way to view an existing Scapple file from within Scrivener for iOS, as most often when I want it on the iPad, I’m writing somewhere and just needed to double-check my outline or relationship map.

While you wait for that capability, or an iOS version of Scapple… print your scapple document to PDF and import that into your project.