Screenwritting font and spacing

I’m trying to start using Scrivener for my screenwritting and… it looks weird.

The default font is Courier Prime 12pt. The text in text scale (zoom) at 100% looks too small and at 150% (the closest to Final Draft’s 160%) looks like everything is in bold. The line spacing looks too tight (12pt). The cursor refuses to mark a line correctly and selects half of the line I’m trying to select and half of the line bellow. Exporting to PDF works badly with lines getting slip between pages. I have to export to FDX and then print.

It’s not a really good experience. The thing is, no other software is so good in non-linear writing and I’d really like to use Scrivener for screenwritting but right now it’s very difficult. Are there any tricks / tips to improve it?

What font / line spacing / template do you use when you use Scrivener for screenwritting?

This, by any chance…

Thanks Brian, that’s my problem indeed.

Just another HiDPI Scrivener Windows problem. My resolution is actually 1600x900 which is not that high.

Scrivener 3 can’t come soon enough!

Welcome. I’ll pass the thanks on to Brian (you’re not the first).

Sorry Briar! I was in a rush. :wink:

No worries. I get it a lot.…