Script Mode / Script settings bug

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It appears that once these options were checked, there is no way to uncheck them. They keep reverting to their checked state.

I tried saving to file and reloading from this file, I tried ctrl+click/alt+click/shift+click, and tweaking those settings while in Standard Text Mode, but none of these worked.
And as a matter of fact, just going to another element and back is enough to have them revert.

Yes, no, maybe ?..
Was this reported to LL ?
Shouldn’t be hard to confirm the bug, as many built-in script settings templates have these options already checked. (No need to mess things up by checking these options where they ain’t checked already.)
See whether you can uncheck them or not.
I have them stuck to their checked state at my end.

Format>Scriptwriting>Script settings.


Thanks! I’ve got all of this filed into the system, along with some other oddities I ran into while testing.

You can get rid of this condition by editing the Project.scriv/Settings/scriptsettings.xml file by hand, with the project closed. Scroll to the <Title>Element Name</Title> you want to modify, and search down from that point, looking for these values:


Delete these lines from the file and reload the project.


The temporary solution that I had found on my end as regard to the fact that being unable to uncheck those, Scrivener kept adding to the project’s auto-complete list, was to insert some sort of gibberish in the “between/and” fields just below.
9999 and 99999
It is in the other thread referenced at the top of this one here thread.
But no need for that now.

Thanks Amber!

By the way, @AmberV, perhaps it is just me, but when I was reading in the manual, it kind of strongly implied that there was an altogether different auto-complete list than the one in the project’s options, where the second script setting option (as circled in the above screenshot) would add the phrases to.
Yes/no ?
Where are the phrases that are being typed and do match the “between” and “and” field requirement supposed to end up ? Is it in the script settings auto-complete, elsewhere (that I never found), or in the project’s list ?
Because as it is now, everything ends up in the project’s main auto-complete list, despite, as I said, the manual kind of saying otherwise…

[EDIT] I found where (I think) : (20.2 – third paragraph), but after having just now read that passage of the manual again (I guess I was tired back then), it doesn’t look all that confusing after all.
(Although I believe there is room for improvement.)
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I wouldn’t really refer to the project auto-complete feature as a separate list, as I don’t believe it is actually stored anywhere. Rather it just runs a quick search of titles using the general search index, when you invoke the shortcut.

The only actual lists that can be manually maintained are the ones stored in Project Settings and Script Settings (per element).