Scriv 3 Win?

Okay, simple version of the question first, then I’ll get into what I’m doing and why, for those who want to give me advice.

Simple version: What’s the status of the v3 public beta for Win? I ran Scriv3 this spring and had installs that expired in April and then again in May, but can’t find a comparable download now.

The context: I bought a license for Scrivener (I guess v 1.8?) in 2016, but used it less than I thought I would and eventually put it on the shelf. This spring, I enrolled in a college course that was going to involve research & writing, and consciously decided to learn the software. I don’t remember how I found my way to the v3 package, but I used it all spring to organize source .pdfs and notes, and to write. I knew the software was expiring on 5/15, but that happened to be the date my final paper was due, so I thought of it as extra pressure to meet my deadline.

(Made it!)

I eventually got comfortable with the interface, mostly by poking and sampling. I found there were two aspects of it that I thought would be valuable to me but that I didn’t master: the ‘cork board’ interface for notekeeping, and the assigning of styles for export. My professor had a very specific style, specifying fonts and point sizes, and though the footnotes exported perfectly, it was eventually simpler to just bounce out to an .rtf, apply fonts and indents there, and wait for summer to master ‘Scrivener styling.’

Now I’m sold on the software and have the time to do the tutorial, but can’t find an updated installer for v3. I can run, but I’m concerned that these intermediate features will run differently on v3; if so, I don’t want to spend the time mastering them on 1.9.

Open to all insights / suggestions.