Scrivener 1.9...

What about the bugs in version 1.9…? What will happen with version 1.9…? Will the bugs be fixed BEFORE it is abandoned? Or is there no more interest in fixing the current problems?

I can for example not import a web page properly, can not play media files … (and a few more things that is advertised as possible to do)

Version 1.9 for Win will eventually be abandoned, in the same way version 1 for Mac has been abandoned.

I was not clear enough, I have changed my question a little.

I have waited for a very long time, to get the features I need - years actually. Was promised that it would be possible “soon” - in a new update. Now it seems that it will never be fixed, and that the only way to get what I need, is to buy the new version. It is not about the money, it is just bothering me (disappointing). First, it took years - something that was promised to come “soon”. Now it has became something that is NOT going to be included at all in the version i bought?.

It seems i can finally get it, and work the way i was planning, if I buy a new version… a bit disappointing. It is great software, and worth the money for sure. I guess its more about the principle and the feeling of being cheated, no matter how small the amount is.

I’m confused? Literature and Latte has never made it a secret that 3.0 would be a paid upgrade, so any criticism in that respect is wholly undeserved.

First of all - I never said this ! But when that is said - 3.0 is a free upgrade for some people, and not for others, depending on when you purchased the previous versions. In my case, I purchased my version to long ago, so I can not get 3.0 for free. But like I said above - I never made the claim you put in my mouth - so your reply is unreasonable.

Second - my post is a clear question about version 1.9… and you are not saying anything relevant to my question.

Third - to promise that a feature/problem/bug will be handled in version 1, and then not fixing it - but dragging it over in to a paid release, is actually very questionable - if it were to happen. My question is clear. Will version 1.9 be completed as promised or not? Is this going to happen?

If you would like an official response from Literature & Latte, you should open a support ticket, here:

(I don’t personally know the answer, or I would tell you.)

When Mac Scrivener 3 was released, there was a final Mac Scrivener 2 update fixing known bugs to that point. I don’t know if a similar final Win Scrivener 1 release is planned.

I don’t know what information you might have been relying on when you made your original purchase. I do know that as a matter of policy we always encourage people to buy Scrivener (or not) based on whether the current version meets their needs.


Thank you,

I am a software developer - becoming author - after 25 years programming in C++ and Qt. In other words, I know what to expect in version 3 - an unstable version with more features and more bugs. I have tried several of the beta versions, and really don’t want to hassle with an unstable first versions.

I want to use version 1.9 - until version 3 is stable and most of the bugs and issues are ironed out. The big problem with Scrivener for Windows is this strategy of skipping to version 3, like it is no big deal. It is a big deal, because it has become a completely new code base. After 25 years of experience, I know one should never abandon a stable release, at the time one skips to a new code-base - like it looks like the scrivener developers might do now. (some might argue they already did this a long time ago)

All serious and big companies - Microsoft and others - never do this. It is crucial to maintain older versions and do bug fixes for a substantial amount of time.

If scrivener 1.9 is abandoned, I might start to look for other alternatives, because the support and maintenance is very important. Import of web pages might stop working if browsers change and so on. Features become unstable if windows version change … I don’t want to sit with a software that might’s top working if I update my windows or browsers. And most updates are automatic, so my scrivener have stopped working as expected several times already - forcing me to uninstall, and change other software to get my system stable again.

So - I really hope scrivener 1.9 will get some bug fixes and updates very soon, and that they keep doing so, until version 3 has become more stable … something that might take a while. Looking at the update log for version 1, one can argue that it has been abandoned already.

Part of the reason for the extended beta of Win Scrivener 3 is to minimize the risk that early versions will be unstable or otherwise unusable. I believe a number of people have been using the beta as their primary tool for some time now. I’d certainly encourage you to evaluate it before rejecting it out of hand.

While Literature & Latte likes to think of ourselves as a serious company, we are most definitely not “big,” and therefore simply don’t have the same resources to devote to maintaining legacy code that companies like Microsoft do.


My point was that Microsoft became big - for a reason. The reason being, that Bill Gates never abandoned anything he had delivered to a customer. Has nothing to do with money or resources. What you are saying now, is something I have heard from others in Literature and Latte for years, so I guess my question is answered.

Bill Gates was also in the right place at the right time to get exclusive access to the then dominant computer supplier’s entry in what was about to become a world-changing market segment.

But as a programmer with 25+ years of experience, you already knew that.

Literature & Latte is not Microsoft and does not aspire to be Microsoft.


Um … Windows 7 user here, but can’t be for much longer because it has been retired … rendered redundant … abandoned … whatever you want to call it. It is not being updated, period, and thus increasingly becomes a security hazard. I have no opinion on whether this is reasonable or not; but it has happened. And not for the first time.

Happy users of MS Money would likely dispute this statement. :smiley:

I have painful memories of MS-BASIC ROM bugs that say otherwise.

There were no free upgrades to MS-DOS; you bought the version you bought, and if you wanted something with bugfixes and new features, you bought it again.

Upgrades in Windows 3.x were not free. In fact, the concept of a service pack and regular publicly available hotfixes didn’t become a regular feature of the Microsoft ecosystem until the introduction of Windows NT 3.1.

Which, probably not coincidentally, was about the time Windows-based networking started to take off, making an unpatched system a hazard to more people than just the user.


Hello!!! The list of ‘abandoned’ MS programs is long and painful. Try a search on Microsoft abandoned programs. The Wikipedia list though long misses quite a few.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Abandoned and discontinued is not the same !

Microsoft discontinues software years after a new stable version is relased. Scrivener 1.9x is abandoned while in active sale as the stable release ! Wake up people !

Who of you seriously think that Microsoft would have become world dominant - if they ever abandoned a product ?

Literature and Latte complains they cant afford to pay for developers. In reality they think they need money to pay attention… not realizing that it is actually free.

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Dude, MS abandoned MS Money. There was no later stable version. They simply decided they were done with the product, and kicked their customers to the curb.

I eagerly await your spin on that. :mrgreen:


I literally just chucked my Zune HD into the garbage today, found it while cleaning out some drawers. Can’t even donate the Windows Phones anywhere. Ask developers how many frameworks Microsoft has just up and abandoned.

Here is my spin… read to understand - not just to reply. This is what I said:

I was talking about how Microsoft became world dominant (a limited time period) - a time period long before Ms Money . You and others are referring to a period after they became world dominant and started to do what ever they feel like… a period decades after Bill Gates built the monster. If Literature and Latte was world dominant, they could probable afford to do what they are doing also, but they are not. My guess is that they have survived because many are now using mac, and they have treated mac users better.

Put it back in context. It is part of a conversation about Literature and Lattes strategy for not having enough money to pay for maintenance of their current windows version. If Microsoft ever did what Literature and Latte is doing, they would never have become a success.

Besides, Microsoft discontinued - by announcing that they would no longer make new releases. They did not abandon it for years, leaving their users hanging … while focusing on other versions or products. Scrivener Mac users are on version 3, while Scrivener windows users have been stuck on version 1 for years, receiving only hollow promises that never materialized…

This is a gross mischaracterization. While it is true that we do not expect to maintain Win Scrivener 1 for as long as, say, Windows 7 has been maintained, neither I nor anyone else has ever said that we are unable or unwilling to support the current release version.

The Windows Scrivener 3 beta is hardly a “hollow promise.” It is very real and can be downloaded here: