Scrivener 3 and Antidote

OK. 3 things: 1. What sync is for. 2. The test I ran for you. 3. My process

  1. What sync is for.
    Sync is designed so two authors can work together on a book or article. One writes, syncs to a file sends to writer 2, who edits changes whatever, and sends back. The first writer then syncs back. It is also the recommended way to work with an external editing program like ProWriter aid or Antidote. In other words, it is exactly for what we are doing and it works. This is also made for working on a laptop and then transferring to a desktop and back.

  2. My test for you.
    Normally, I use lots of numbered and bulleted lists. 2 levels of headings. Serif font for body, sans-serif for headers, and lots of screen images. All those work fine. Here’s what I did.

Wrote a paragraph indented and made some words RED color. I’ve indented and italicized before and it worked. This also worked.

Wrote another paragraph with a weird font on one word and an italic word and a bold word.

I was disappointed that Antidote didn’t have much to say about my writing, so I just added another paragraph completely new in LO. That included a word in a strange font and colored blue.

Everything came back perfectly, including the colors and fonts.

This is really what sync is designed to do.

  1. My process.
  • When I’m ready to check, I delete the current “New Collection”.
  • I right click on my stuff and add to collection “New Collection”
  • Then I pull down the file menu and choose sync to external folder. Not Sync now, that doesn’t work for me.
  • I have a documents folder called Scrivener 3 syncs/newsletter2022 - Obviously that changes each year and changes for things not newsletter related.
  • It is set to sync the contents of the draft folder, and sync only documents in New Collection (which I just emptied of everything else). The format is RTF
  • That’s it. I click sync.
  • It give feedback on sync out and return sync.
  • It remembers your settings, so once you have it, you don’t need to change unless you change the sync folder for another project.
  • The sync folder only contains the last sync since you delete the new collections before each new sync.
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