Scrivener 3 Themes (Windows)

Sounds like a User Error…

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After I changed the extension to .scrtheme format, I can’t find the theme file when loading the theme from the file, I don’t know what’s wrong

The zip file that AntoniDol provided contains the .scrtheme file and a jpg file. So you do not rename the zip file, you extract its contents. Then in Scrivener, use Window/Themes/Import Theme to import the extracted .scrtheme file into Scrivener.

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Note that this is true for the WhiteSatin Theme, but NOT for the attached earlier.

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Love it! Thank you this looks so nice!

Hi all,

I don’t know how to write themes here, but would be possibly happy to help out with some assistance. It seems a shame to me that there are not many light themes, nor many themes in general available. For instance, it seems a lot of software is really embracing bespoke themes, and themes like Nord, Catpuccin, Everforest, etc. are making big waves. I was wondering if there was any resource like this for Scrivener?

Scrivener supports Themes. MacOS and Windows Themes are not compatible. Windows Themes are more powerful.
A macOs stheme is a combination of properties saved to file, a Windows Theme scrtheme is a combination of an xml manifest, a pal palette, a prefs Preferences file and a QSS Stylesheet in a Zipped package.

Currently, this forum has two pages where to find Themes: macOs Themes and Windows Themes. Light Themes are White and White Satin.

Resources for creating Themes you can find here at the forum, in the book Mastering Scrivener and the upcoming book Mastering Scrivener Themes. And there’s the subreddit /rScrivenerThemeBuilder.

I don’t know the Themes you mention. Can you link to pictures? How are they making “big waves”?

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Sorry, by this I meant that they seem to be very popular in various communities, particularly linux communities and coding communties–software such as Atom text editor and Obsidian markdown editor, as well as other GUI apps. For example here is a link to the Catpuchin github: GitHub - catppuccin/catppuccin: 😸 Soothing pastel theme for the high-spirited!

Retrowave theme

Blue base

Grey base (1.4 MB)

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thememakers, do you know how to change the colors of the liner and the highlight of a chosen doc in binder?

Love the Blue Base version. Not so fond of the green scrollbar, though.

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For some reason I called this theme “Night of Spring”, though even I don’t have such assosiation :slight_smile:

Night of Spring dark green base

Night of Spring dark green base.scrtheme (144.3 KB)

Night of Spring black base

Night of Spring black base.scrtheme (111.4 KB)

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Summer Beach wjite icons, base color liner

Summer Beach.scrtheme (113.2 KB)

Summer Beach black icons, white liner

Summer Beach black icons.scrtheme (32.6 KB)

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NovemberMe.scrtheme (241.6 KB)

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The liner, a.k.a. the Ruler is notoriously hard to style. The only aspect of it you can change is the background-color using the Palette Base color.

The color of the numbers depend on the Style of your Theme in the XML-file in your theme.

The markers are SVG-images embedded in the application, and also change with the Style of your Theme: Default (black), DarkMode (gray) or HighContrast (yellow).

The Binder highlight color also changes with the palette (Highlight) color. But this one you can overrule in the QSS Stylesheet. Set the Selected branch of the QTreeView to the RGBA-color you prefer.

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Thank you so much for this theme. I’m currently using it for a fantasy project I’m working on. The blue and gold combo is surprisingly easy on my eyes.

Well done @Zee63. It’s a great Theme, well delivered. Loving the various background patterns. Any reason you didn’t include the fonts ?

Ah shit, I meant to. I’ll update the original post.

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Oh heavens it looks perfect and I downloaded it-- and then I saw it’s Windows. I never made it clear I’m on a Mac. I think I even posted it on a Windows thread by mistake. I don’t know what I did, but I felt this enormous rush of excitement at the perfect theme and then a plunge. Does this gorgeous theme have a Mac partner? —Thanks to all

Awesome themes! I based the following two on the White theme.

Lilac Creativity.scrtheme (66.8 KB)

Winter Feery.scrtheme (52.9 KB)

The only issue I have is, for some reason I could not change the color of the Synopsis (Scene) area in the Inspector Window. If you could tell me how to correct it, I would be very grateful.