Scrivener App Crashes after latest update

Updated the Scrivener app with latest update but it now crashes when I try and open it and I cannot access my projects. Using iPadOS 16.6. Haven’t updated to 17 yet as I give it a while for Apple to fix any issues.

iOS 17.0.1 is the current version which I’m running and I don’t see any crashes on iPhone or iPad (1 day after iOS update).

@rms, what about the crash I detailed here – do you not see that?


Sorry, but did not have time to work through the steps today. Perhaps over the weekend. I figured L&L people would already be on it, though.

I’m not seeing any crashes doing my routine stuff, which doesn’t include using cards, so this cause of me not hitting what you see.

Updated iPad OS 16.7. The app still crashes on opening.

Still an old version of iOS. May not make a difference to go to 17.0.1 (see other reports here), but sticking on an old version not the best idea.

It shouldn’t be necessary to upgrade to an OS that’s only a few days old, as the iOS version was primarily tested on iOS 16 and 17. I usually wait a while before updating if I can, a few months, for Apple to work out all the launch day bugs.

As for the crash on load, we fixed a bug that would cause that to happen, but maybe we missed something, or the fix conflicted with your setup. I’d follow the advice given in this post just on the off-chance it is related.

Thanks Ioa, I followed the advice in that post but still crashing. Luckily I found the info I needed in obsidian. I use obsidian for brainstorming before copying the info over to Scrivener for creating external links and compiling into a document if needed.

All right, as a next step I would try reinstalling the software, after backing up everything.

After that I would approach setting it back up to your preferences in an incremental manner. For example, if you prefer dark mode, change that, then make sure it still loads, then change your smart quote setting, etc. That would help pin down if it is any kind of configuration issue, which it must be, to be crashing so early—before you even load any projects it sounds like?

If you find a setting that causes crashing, and turning it back off fixes the crash, then we’ve got the winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it).

Yes. It crashes as soon as I tap icon to open.

I can report doing a reinstall worked. Everything seems to be working.


Excellent, well hopefully it was just a weird upgrade glitch, something didn’t go right in the download or something.

Scrivener now won’t open at all.

Please refer to the potential solution given above, and try to think of any settings or things you might have changed before it stopped working. We still don’t know why a reset fixed the crash on launch, and are looking for any clues you can provide.

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Just wanted to join in on this one and say that I’m experiencing the same thing (crash immediately on launch latest scrivener, ios 16.7, ipad)

Am now working through the same steps as the other posters to see if i can resolve it.

Reinstalling the application an then re-linking to dropbox has more or less resolved the issue. Need to work through getting styles/fonts synced up still, but it at least is no longer crashing on startup anymore.

All right, glad to hear things are working again. Bear in mind the previous advice though to take things slow when it comes to restoring fonts and settings. If things suddenly stop working, the less you do at once, the better you might know which setting or style or whatever triggered the problem. And we can focus more precisely on that being a potential cause.

But hopefully nothing happens! :slight_smile:

We have something new to try, for anyone still experiencing this, or coming across this thread:

  1. Open
  2. Scroll down to Scrivener’s section in the sidebar.
  3. Toward the top, tap “Disable Auto-Lock”, and set it to “Never”.

This seems to resolve crashing on load for those who it applies to, and that have tried it. The default is “Never” though, so what you’re seeing may be different if it is already set that way.