Scrivener as Web Clipper

I’m an inveterate long-time user of Evernote. But I find myself saving things to it and never referring to the content because it’s a bit of a pain to call up and retrieve. I’ve started thinking about using a dedicated Project in Scrivener as a Web Clipper. Is this practical? Are there shortcuts to streamline the process of saving clips to the Project?

Have a look at Mac services. Scrivener offers a lot.

How do you ultimately expect to use this material? How much of it do you expect to have?

The beauty of scrivener is have project of over 2000 files but very easy to navigate or search thru. So certainly could pick good file titles and use label colors and keywords to aid in searching

Use: It’s all intended for research for current and future writing projects. I’m writing a novel that touches on global warming, government, and some futuristic science topics.

Quantity: I’m well into this novel already, but I would imagine I have perhaps 250 clippings in Evernote. I haven’t really counted.

FWIW, I use DevonThink as my primary research repository. Relative to Scrivener, I find it’s better for materials that I expect to use in multiple projects. As a purpose-built database, it also handles very large (millions of words) amounts of material with no particular difficulty.

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Part of my topic list in Evernote is above. I have about 4000 items.