Scrivener browser plugins ?

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Are there plugins etc. that can import data directly into Scrivener?
E.g. Safari plugins where you can easily add a webpage to scrivener?
Thinking of Evernote type functionality.


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This post is 15 years old, but I just had exactly this question.
I’m currently experimenting with integrating bookmarks from my browser into Scrivener to streamline the research process (I also posted on the Scrivener reddit to see what people’s experience was). And I was wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to easily incorporate bookmarks from the browser to Scrivener – it may not even need an extra plugin, Shortcuts or Automator on macOS may be able to achieve something like that. Would love people’s thoughts.

You can print a webpage as a PDF directly to Scrivener (the project must be opened).

The advantage of a PDF file over a bookmark is that you have fixed content. At least in academics quoting from an internet source requires not only the URL, but also a timestamp as webpages can be fluid.


You may want to look into: Scrivener as Web Clipper


Using Scrivener to store random ideas and notes

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Yeah, I tried that a while back, but found it was too many steps … I still use PDFs for published papers obviously (which I download and keep organized with a bibliography manager) but I use webpages often more for background info, encyclopedic knowledge etc. … so turning all those into PDFs seems overkill. So far simply saved as bookmarks in the browser sidebar … but I’d love to have that info in Scrivener itself, hence my idea of adding bookmarks to the binder … only thing that is different from the browser experience is that I can’t keep multiple tabs open simultaneously …

Yes you can! :wink: You can open as many QRP’s as you want. (Quick reference panel)

I’m on windows, so forgive me for being vague, but for your existing browser bookmarks, you can download your bookmarks to your HD as a (csv?) file, or into a spreadsheet.

Then either link to it, import it, create a new doc in your binder, and/or drag/drop individually (or not) into new bookmark doc(s).

The web-viewer in Scrivener is pretty basic, but you can set your links to open in their native program.

Someone with mac knowledge may be able to give you more details. I’m not sure where the differences between platforms are.

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These are great suggestions. I was able to export the bookmarks to a file but it’s in HTML format not CSV.
I can import that, but clicking on any of the links opens these in the browser not in scrivener itself. And in either case, it would be great to have the bookmarks themselves as individual Binder items (so essentially what I can do manually by adding a website or using the webclipper idea that @paulcoholic linked to above …

I have an option to choose “save as type” with a dropdown menu. Do you have the same? The drop down menu is accessed by the downward facing arrow at the right of the text box under where you name the new doc you are creating (in windows).

You might find this post useful. Although it was written to address something else, it has great screen shots and elaborations. The relevant parts to your question are where he mentions (and shows) web links and describes opening in QRP’s.

In particular, towards the bottom of the above linked post:

I access web pages in Document Bookmarks generally, because I arrange my links by topic, e.g. here’s one on Human Anatomy, which won’t apply to every scene, but I’d link it to a Document Bookmark to appear once or as many times as the topic is relevant in multiple scenes.