Scrivener for Apple Watch

Sup scriv folk,

Running on too little sleep and too much work, and thus am using forum as a means to chill, and think about cool things. But I was thinking if there’d be a way to integrate the Apple watch into the mix and make some kind of really simplified version of Scrivener for the Apple Watch now that Scrivener for iOS will be out. Anybody have any good ideas over how this could be done?

Let’s suppose you’re out on a jog and you quickly think of an idea and really want to write it down. The only thing you have is your watch, which you can still dictate to. So I’m thinking maybe a scrivener app that gives you barebone access to each of your scrivenings so that you can add an idea (perhaps as an additional scrivening or a comment to a scrivening) via voice dictation, shove it in, and properly analyze it when you’re at home at the computer or have an iPhone handy.

No. :slight_smile:

Scrivener on the Apple Watch, the dictation notes thing could work, hmmmm


Let’s all give Keith and his team a break. Let’s leave our new feature requests until the day after we get our hands on the shiny new scrivener for iOS app. Lol

I’m at an outdoor concert and laughing out loud. People around me are giving me strange looks.

Seriously. Poor Keith. If he walked on water they’d say now let’s see you swim.

You could always use the Drafts app to dictate into your watch, and then (after opening the text on your iPhone) have a Drafts action to send your text into the Scrivener scratch pad. I’ve done this before, but can’t remember if you can customize the location of the scratch pad files, or if I set up a Hazel rule to automatically move my text files into the default location.

Do we have a release date yet for the apple watch Scrivener? I can’t tell the time but i would buy a watch for this :wink:

See Keith? It’s not just myself who thinks it’ll be a great idea. I too would purchase a watch if Scrivener were on it.

I think this company has done an excellent job I don’t work for them; I’m just using their app to show that it is possible to have software (yes it’s task management, but it involves writing) that can be extended onto the Apple watch.

I also think there should definitely be an app for tvOS. It would the first of its kind; think about it, writing on your 50" oled…wow, that’d be a dream.

I’m gonna start another thread about tvOS and see what people think.

Not sure if serious. :\

In every joke, there’s an element of truth, that makes it funny, sir. And if it’s not funny, then it’s just not serious enough to be properly funny.

The funniest part is all those tales claiming that people suddenly get a lot of good ideas, doing something else, and that those ideas will vanish in an instant if they are not written down.
Who ever heard of such a thing? A lot of people suddenly getting intelligent ideas?

Insight can come from anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The tricky part is whether you have the tools capable of capturing it when you need to.

… and most of the time no one is around to catch it.

Maybe someone should write i film script about it? It could be called … “Insight man”? :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I’m being driven to the competition for lack of an Apple Watch application. Don’t make me switch to the new Scriwatch app, now in beta, that also is said to make a decent cappuccino… What’s your ETA?

I use Drafts on Apple Watch all the time. To save Keith from having to develop a comparable Scrivener product on the Watch, I thought Drafts themselves might be willing to design some kind of link to Scrivener for iOS. Thus, I wrote to Agile Tortoise (the Drafts people) and they replied: “Check with [Scrivener’s] support team if they offer support for URL scheme integration. If they point you to documentation, let me know and I will help you construct an action for Drafts and add it to our directory.”

So Keith, could you please give me some “documentation” for “URL scheme integration” that I can pass along to Drafts? It’ll be the next best thing to having Scrivener on my Watch - and yes, you skeptics out there, it is critical for some of us to capture those fleeting ideas. This can be done far more easily on a watch than on a phone buried deep in a pocket or backpack.


We don’t have a custom URL scheme right now. The problem in Scrivener is that if another app passes it data, Scrivener doesn’t know where to put it because of the project-based system, so that’s a technical issue I’m pondering on.

It’s already there, and have been for some time, as someone mentioned earlier in the thread: the Scratch Pad.

You take a note in Drafts, invoke the action “Send to Scratch Pad” – done! The next time you open Scrivener you can look at your Scratch Pad and insert the note in the correct place.

So there is no need to spend time on this. There is already a solution.

Good grief! Surely you can’t be serious? Sorry, but this sounds like a desperate justification for having bought an Apple Watch. :unamused:

I don’t own an Apple Watch, but waiting for Scrivener iWatch will be a great excuse to procrastinate my writing again, now that I’ve just lost my main excuse for laziness over the past two years.

Feature idea: could you enable Siri with some kind of AI to generate novel text for us? For example, I might dictate: “Siri, write love scene between Bill and Ann” and Siri spits out something marvellous in to my .scriv? Then I could also write my novel while jogging (though I don’t currently jog).

Once this is enabled I’ll feel able to start writing again.

Hilarious thread from Keith’s initial “No!” to the “could use it while jogging but I don’t currently jog.”
Apart from notetaking while lounging on the sofa wondering whether to take up jogging, how about putting the daily writing target on an activity ring? Except, I don’t currently use the daily writing target…