“We’ve decided to take the red pill huh?” He said to the bearded Alice.

Let’s see how far this rabbit warren goes…

This is an unsupported version of Scrivener for Windows, compiled for Linux. There is no installer or intended installer. We’ve had to modify the code to work on Linux slightly. If we’ve missed anything, please can you consolidate feedback items in a single email to lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

We want to be as helpful as possible but we are swamped right now with Windows. That said, we will continue to make Linux builds available to the Linux community with all Windows bug fixes as we move through the Windows beta. We will look to the Linux community to provide installers or run the code ‘as is’ from the command line.

More details are in the ReadMe file. Please read license agreement.

Apologies this is zipped. Next build will be in tar.gz …

29 Oct 2010
P.S. We’ll get some dedicated space for you folks set up on the forums soon. For now, you can use this thread.

Since mere mortals cannot respond to a bulletin, an alternative thread has emerged here. If you are a Linux user and want to give or request community support from the other users on this forum, proceed to the indicated thread. :slight_smile:

If Scrivener will be nativ on linux i swer i wont this version also. ^^

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If a Linux version worked (reliably) I would likely use that version instead of the Windows version.

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There is an unofficial beta version of Scrivener 1.9 as an AppImage which is very easy to install in most Linux distros. An internet search should find it easily enough. It runs pretty well, but Version 3 on Mac or Windows is nicer to use.

Installing a Windows VM and then installing Scrivener 3.0 for Windows in the VM is also an option. There are plenty of programs for a VM such as VirtualBox. I think VMWare has a free version of VMWare Player for Linux and it has better performance than VirtualBox. Of course, there is also QEMU for Linux.