Scrivener for Windows Now available for *Pre-Order*

Hi all,

Scrivener for Windows is now available for pre-order, with a 10% discount. We are pushing the official 1.0 release back until next week, 7th November, and the discount will run until then. (If you have any other coupon codes, they will work on top of the 10% discount, too.)

The Windows pre-orders page is now up and running here: … atform=win

I know, today was supposed to be the release date, but at the very last minute we just felt we had to take a few extra days to fix some of the issues raised in the latest beta - please see my blog post for more information here:

Thanks everyone for your support, and our sincere apologies for the extra few days’ delay; hopefully the preorder will go some way to making up for that, and that you will all think it is worth it. (And remember, if you are worried about the current 7th November beta expiry date, we have a NaNoWriMo trial version that runs up until 7th December available here: )

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you, developers all, for caring more to get it right. :slight_smile: My beta does okay for now, and I for one would much rather wait a few more days and get a better 1.0 product.

Off to put in my pre-order now! :smiley:

Agreed. Thanks for waiting to put out a quality product.

I have one question before I pre-order: I generally have to work on my writing in my spare time, and end up doing so on about three different computers. Is the serial number valid for only one installation (I would like to be able to install it on at least my desktop and laptop)?

I’m much the same way. I write in my spare time at work and then at home, using Dropbox to share the Project. I preordered and then got the message “per machine”. So…what’s the verdict on this? :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind. Found this link explaining that the One Code rules them all!

I was a NaNoWriMo winner in 2010 and 2009. Am I eligible for the discount that was with the winner’s goodies? No, I did not save that info before they removed everything this year. Am I SOL?

Check out the following topic and follow the instructions there. They should take care of you.
[url]NaNo code problem (code isn't working)]

whistles innocently

(An old one, but good one.)

Yay, thanks!

Scrivener is now preordered. Ooh, I can’t wait to download the full copy!