Scrivener for Windows now available for *pre-order*

Hi all,

Scrivener for Windows is now available for pre-order, with a 10% discount. We are pushing the official 1.0 release back until next week, 7th November, and the discount will run until then. (If you have any other coupon codes, they will work on top of the 10% discount, too.)

The Windows pre-orders page is now up and running here: … atform=win

I know, today was supposed to be the release date, but at the very last minute we just felt we had to take a few extra days to fix some of the issues raised in the latest beta - please see my blog post for more information here:

Thanks everyone for your support, and our sincere apologies for the extra few days’ delay; hopefully the preorder will go some way to making up for that, and that you will all think it is worth it. (And remember, if you are worried about the current 7th November beta expiry date, we have a NaNoWriMo trial version that runs up until 7th December available here: )

Thanks and all the best,

So exciting! I preordered. And now, to wait! Thank you guys for making such an awesome product.

Thank you for pre-ordering! Much appreciated!

I also just pre-ordered. It’s a pleasure dealing with Literature and Latte, an ethical company that takes pride in creating a quality product. Can’t beat a combination like that!

Thanks for the kind words jacklouis, and for pre-ordering!

All the best,

Thanks for all your hard work quite an exciting time.

Congratulations - have added another pre-order. Do you all get to go on holiday now? :laughing:

Thank you! And I wish. :slight_smile:

Holidays! I had to look that one up in the dictionary. Interesting concept. It does roll off the tongue nicely though.

Pre-ordered also! bounces

Woot! Hrm. Pre-order release party on the 7th? Google+ hangout?

I have to say this was probably one of the smoothest betas I’ve ever participated in, although it might not seem like it to the people behind the scenes. It’s really a credit to the program, the people who coded both versions, and everyone else how well L&L had their crap together with it.

Yay! I am the proud owner of a copy of Scrivener. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now you have to carry on to actually releasing it. Ha! :smiling_imp:


Ever sine it was released in public beta I have been producing content with it.

I just preordered but I was wondering about upgrades. What will happen as the product is improved? At what point will I have to pay for a newer version?

Timetables haven’t really been decided upon yet. The basic rule of thumb is that a licence covers you for the life of the major point number. So for all of 1.x you’ll be good, but there will be a modest upgrade fee when it jumps to 2.x. Again, timing is something that is totally up in the air, so I can’t say how long that will be.

Probably worth noting that you’ll never have to pay for an upgrade. You can stick with 1.x if you wish. Although obviously 2.0 is going to have such wonderful features you won’t be able to resist. Like a special SciFi mode, a panic button, and a speed writing mode.
(oh please oh please).

But remember, if you don’t upgrade to 2.0 you won’t be allowed to moan about the new icons. :wink:

I have one question before I pre-order: I generally have to work on my writing in my spare time, and end up doing so on about three different computers. Is the serial number valid for only one installation (I would like to be able to install it on at least my desktop and laptop)?

I posted this question on the announcement in the Windows Technical Support forum also, but I wasn’t sure where the right place to ask it was.

Thanks again for a great product!


I’m a new user (2 weeks). I pre-ordered. Very impressive product, I am using it in two classes: novel writing and screenwriting, and have transferred 100 pages of a novel to it. I plan on also using it for my non-fiction article writing and even in my law practice.

My only beef is that you apparently cannot print either index cards or outlines. This seems like a major oversight. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

Technical and time hurdle, not oversight. :slight_smile: These features are already designed and planned for and they are going to be pretty nice. But short of folding space and time, not everything that is conceivable as useful could be compacted into 1.0.