Scrivener Links

I think it would be helpful if Links could cancel out if the Link Target is no longer available or is in the trash.

From the FAQ:


It might not be such a happy thing to have done for you. If you accidentally deleted the linked file, while you could restore the file, you might be unhappy to find that all the links to it in your project were in the meantime erased!


gr has a good point, especially with the trash. It is too easy to accidentally move something to the trash, and if you have a file that is cross-linked all over the place, restoring your accident could be a laborious process. I haven’t tried it, but does deleting and relinking work? I thought that links were tied to some internal numbering system and reimporting would not automatically re-establish those links.

Thanks GR and AV. Good points. I guess I’m one of those who absolutely never deletes anything that may be needed later - hmmmmmm.
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