Scrivener Needs Urgent Updates

I have been using Scrivener for the past two years and it mostly does the job. However, the known (and often acknowledged) bugs from the October 2015 update still irk and annoy countless Scrivener users. The forums are still full of troubleshooting questions and complaints.

I have experienced the lost clipboard/import text bug once (which was damn annoying). But my particular hate is the display bug in the Scrivenings mode. This is the bug that only allows you to see the first few chapters and then displays the rest of the manuscript as blank text (presumably because it is unable to buffer/compile it in memory). This is really annoying when you are trying to do global searches across all chapters. Nine months on, it should have been fixed. But it ain’t!

With the English version of the (apparently) excellent Papyrus Author on the way, you really need to pull up your socks and fix your software or else you may find several defectors. I really do want to love Scrivener, but you are making it hard with all the unresolved bugs. We shouldn’t have to wait for the release of Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3 for these errors to be fixed.

First time poster “squeakyhiro”, good luck with Papyrus Author. I hope your plugging it will make it known to a wider public. (I haven’t heard about it and have happily churned out essays, scripts and short stories without encountering the game-changing flaws of Scrivener that you now make public. I love whistle-blowers.)

$199.70 for a one star rated app :confused: :frowning:
Unless, of course, $199.70 & 1 star are typos. :confused:

About Papyrus:

That is another story.
But Squeakhiro was pointing to the fact that Scrivener has bugs (even the Mac version that I am using) and that has not been updated because the programmers have been busy with the (useless, in my opinion) iPad version. I think that he is right on the two arguments.
Have a nice day.

Always annoying when a fanbois jumps in from another forum to offer their wisdom aka Matsgz and the gem of wisdom “First time poster “squeakyhiro”, good luck with Papyrus Author. I hope your plugging it will make it known to a wider public. (I haven’t heard about it and have happily churned out essays, scripts and short stories without encountering the game-changing flaws of Scrivener that you now make public. I love whistle-blowers.)”
Your tag says Mac… you are in a windows forum that has a great many posts regarding the Scrivener for windows problems of lost work and bugs. So if you just came here to show us your immature devotion then clap your little flippers and throw yourself a herring. Otherwise take your insulting bilge elsewhere.

Agree with Broadsides, even if I am a Mac user. There is no need to address user’s concerns the way Matsgz has done. Sorry…

For the record, I had the same opinion as you on the iOS (not iPad) version. I can tell you from first hand knowledge, that you are likely change your tune if you give the IOS version a try once it is publicly available.

I am always open to change my opinion! I sure will try Scrivener for iPad, and see…
Have a nice day.

Who’s being immature here? I don’t recall the poster you’re quoting as having implied anyone is a trained seal the way you have repeatedly done.

You ever made a positive post Sanguinius? No… Thought not. I truly believe you’d argue with yourself as you passed a mirror.

I’m curious what your deal is. Truly. If you go through my posting history, you’ll notice that I very rarely delve into the negative, and those instances typically only occur when someone is being unnecessarily negative themselves. Meanwhile, in less than 20 posts, you’ve managed to insult multiple people, including myself. I never once maligned you in any way, yet you seem to have some sort of personal animosity towards me, and I can’t figure out why this is.

I’m also curious why such personal attacks are being condoned on this board. I thought this was supposed to be about people helping each other, not tearing each other down.

I didn’t want this thread to turn into a personal slagging match. For the record, I have no stake in Papyrus Author. I just used it as an example of alternatives to Scrivener. How about I say Final Draft, yWriter, Storyist to even the score.

Similarly, I am not a hater of Scrivener. I have used it now for almost two years. If I hated it, I would have given up on it ages ago.

My main point was really to highlight the lack of updates to known bugs. I don’t know if the developers are distracted with the iOS version or hoping we will shell out for a “new improved” Windows version. What I do know, is that the current WINDOWS version is flaky and needs fixing.

Please fix it. In particular, the Scrivenings display bug.

Grateful for the discussion, but please channel any extraneous hatred into your novels.

The temporary inattention of moderators should not be construed as an invitation to attack each other. Kindly go to your own corners and sit quietly until you have cooled off.

You can expect to see new versions of both WinScriv and MacScriv concurrent with the release of iOS Scriv, as all three are in private beta testing at the moment. I believe both WinScriv and MacScriv will be “point” releases, and free to existing users.


I hate iPhones. Scrivener for iOS has me, a dedicated Windows user, strongly considering an iPhone as my next smartphone just to get Scrivener on my mobile device. (Don’t need an iPad, I have a Surface Pro.)

There are a couple of things going on here beneath the surface that may help you regain some patience (all errors here are mine):

  1. The OS X version is developed solely by Keith. He wrote Scrivener v1, then Scrivener v2.
  2. At some point, a separate developer(s? think only one but could be wrong) made a deal to port/recreate as much as possible to a Windows version. That’s the Windows version 1.x you know and love and loathe today.
  3. As an aside, the Windows version is not a native Windows app, it is built off the Qt (v4 I believe) cross-platform framework. This provides a bunch of functionality closer to some of the native system functions Scrivener for Mac is built on, much closer than what Windows provides, and also allowed relatively easy targeting of the Linux platform. From what I understand, it also made the porting a bit easier, even though Qt and Windows and Mac all use different variants and extensions of C/C++.
  4. Keith has been hip-deep in massive rewrites for Scrivener for Mac version 3, but a lot of that was bound up in working with the Windows developer to allow THEM to code toward the new design for Scrivener 3 instead of playing 5-7 years worth of catch-up to Scrivener Mac v2 and then have to turn around and throw a large chunk of it out and start over. This means there will be no Windows v2 – just Windows v3, although not released at the same time as Mac v3.
  5. Keith had to take a break from the Mac version to get the iOS version in order. Now that it’s in beta and going smoothly, he’s been able to get traction going on the Mac v3 as well.
  6. In the meantime, the Windows dev is busily working on Windows v3 (which includes upgrading to Qt v5, which helps future-proof the Windows side of the code). Although as far as I know no one has stated it, it seems to be that only mandatory fixes are being rolled out for 1.9 (and 1.9 was presented as the last update for a while). By “mandatory” I mean “destroys data” or “is necessary for other work going on (eg compatibility with Scrivener iOS).”

Still with me? <WHEW!>

Short form: Keith working on Scrivener iOS is not distracting the Windows guy. It’s just there’s a LOT of work for one set of hands, and those hands can be fixing bugs in legacy 1.9, or bridging the gap with the forthcoming v3. Given all the goodies they are talking about for v3, and how often users on the forums ask for those features…well, I for one am fine with the priority list. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks Devin, for taking the time to fill us in on the potted (and somewhat potty) history of Scrivener development. Let’s hope the V3 engine is more reliable in revving out them hi-octane words.

I was ready to dump the iPhone. Sick. And. Tired. Of. Dumb A$$ UI.* But now I’m stuck. Looks like I’ll be using it for the foreseeable future.


[size=85]Bought my wife an andriod. Hate it just as much. Except with her phone the UI is just to … complicated. iPhone gets “use it” right, but the underlying openness wrong. Android is too far the other way for me.[/size]

If you hate iPhones… Why not just grab an iPad Air, pro, mini, iPod touch, with data plan, or if you already have a data plan for your current fav phone, just grab the wifi versions for a cheaper cost, and use your phone as an instant wifi hotspot, to connect your iDevice while on the go? Added benefit of connecting to wifi, when home or at coffee shops or heck even McDonalds in someplace, and connect for free. Well, relatively free, you’re already paying for home internet, so it’s just piggybacking a connection already available to you. And while at coffee shops, parks, restaurants with free wifi, all that tapping gotta make you thirsty, so there is that cost.

Or… Be honest with yourself, you secretly love the iPhone, you want the iPhone, you need the iPhone, you will grumble until you get it, about not wanting it, just like as a kid of not wanting to be dragged on the terrible family camping vacations every year, but the moment you get a free pass to not go, you’ll be gung-ho on the iPhone station wagon.


I’ve actually be trying to lose mine for a few years, but there are always real reasons that I need to keep it around (mostly work crap). But now … I’m finding it much more satisfying to write now that there is less … work … around managing the process.

As to the other i* devices… I like simple. No charging. No worry about drop damage or water damage while fishing. Much easier to achieve i* free… except now KB has killed that plan.


I don’t need an iPad. I have a Surface Pro. My wife has a Surface Pro. My next machine will likely be a Surface Book. When my main device is both a laptop and a tablet, I don’t need an iPad. I DESPISED iTunes and I don’t really like the Apple Store. I just don’t like Apple’s approach to a lot of software.

I have a iPhone for work, because it was either than or an Android. And I don’t trust Android to be secure. Apple is a hot mess, but not as big of a hot mess as Android is, because Apple controls the hardware AND software and doesn’t have to worry about fragmentation the way Android does.

The number of times I will have only my iPhone around to work on writing and not my Surface Pro is slim, but since I have to have an iPhone I might as well make a virtue of it.