Scrivener - on USB!


I’ll post this here seeing as it’s not official and it’s not an announcement as yet or anything, but next year we’re hoping to start offering a physical shipment of Scrivener for those who want it (sometime after 1.5 is released - not for a while, since you asked :slight_smile: ). Anyway, I thought that, rather than shipping as a CD, it might be cool to ship Scrivener on a USB memory stick. We’ve just had our first batch delivered, so that we can hand a couple out at the Macworld Expo and ready for next year, and I love them. See what you think.

In terms of promoting it on the website when the time comes, I was thinking of a Matrix reference, something like “Take the black and white pill”… Er, or something. Unfortunately, David is already referring to it as the “Scrivener suppository pill”. I still love it, though…


Well – I love it! (I might have to buy one.)

Btw – David is mean. :wink:

– MJ


Those look excellent.

I’ve always like the Scrivener logo, it’s very clever imho.

I think it’s fabulous, and would love to upgrade that way. Somehow I’ll get one. What capacity are you going to be having them in?

But something to think about … people will assume they can run Scrivener as a portable app on one.


I want one. I don’t need to get Scr. that way, but I want one. You must make them available for purchase without having to buy Scr. And tee shirts. And mugs (coffee cups). And…I don’t know what else.

Seriously, though, I love it and really do want one if you decide to go in the direction of selling them!

And I think the Matrix reference is cool and you should use it. Just keep David away from the general public until you do!


Yeah! Nice ideas.

Include sweatshirts, mouse pads, pens, Xmas tree ornaments (these would be so damn cool!).

On the t-shirts: Scrivener logo and name, plus a customized citation of our choice. You could be wearing your favorite app + your favorite author. Can’t be much better. :mrgreen:

Mark - the portable app thing did cross my mind, but the capacity is small - just a bit more than enough for the Scrivener files (I can’t remember if they are 64 or 128MB), so you couldn’t store many projects on there, and certainly no big ones. Also, Scrivener will be on there as a DMG with a readme file, so it won’t encourage the direct running of Scrivener from the drive. I just wanted something that would require less packaging than a CD (until we get into stores, of course :slight_smile: ).

As for T-shirts and mugs… These have been available for a while, but I never got around to putting a link on the site so no one knows about them! When we rejig the site next year for 1.5, we’re going to add the link, and create some new merchandise. Here’s what’s available for now:

Depending on how orders for the USB-delivered version of Scrivener go (and as I say, they won’t be available for a few months yet), then we might order some USB sticks of the same design with a larger capacity and make them available as merchandise. We’ll see…

All the best,

Now may be the perfect time for you to check with Chrysler or General Motors. Each of them has an enormous back load of vehicles shaped not unlike the memory stick, and in colors very nearly the same. I’ve no doubt the logo could be applied at small additional expense; for volume sales, you’d probably get it as a no-charge option.


Why not?

(Aside from the obvious objections, that is.)


Wow! How could we not know about all that cool Scr. merch??? Love the mug. Do I see sun in that picture? We are getting what is for Portland a rather sizable winter storm. Would be a dusting of snow in the midwest, but a lot for these parts and we are due more, maybe even an ice storm. Could use that Scr. mug full of hot tea right about now.


The mugs are very cool - I have my coffee out of one every morning. :slight_smile: That sun is from the summer, though. The picture was taken in my old house in London back around July.

What else do you expect in Mordor!!

How about a tea shirt, with Rubens [i]'The Three Graces'[/i], with Scivs logo tattooed on each arse. That`d add a bit of cultural cred, to the exercise.

Too green up here still for Mordor…

And thanks for pulling this thread down towards the gutter… :mrgreen:

You weren’t surprised were you?

It made me think that many people who use a USB stick to work on their .scriv projects on different computers, rather than finding a way of synchronising them might find a truly portable version of the software that would run on one which also had space for a (number of) project(s) might really welcome that. But I have no idea how difficult it is to create a portable version, which obviously has to store its preferences and perhaps other system-related files on the stick.

I knew about them, but I’m here in China and any money that I spend on my credit card comes from what my wife earns and needs to live on, so I have to hold off, buying nothing apart from essentials. I would love to be drinking my coffee out of a Scrivener mug … hey, it’s Christmas, maybe I should tell my wife that I want a couple of them as my Christmas present! That’s a good idea … not that I’d see them until half-way through 2009!

Here in this part of China, everyone goes around with small, often smart, thermos flasks for carrying hot or cold water, or tea with them … the university has them with the university logo on. I’d love to be carrying a “Scrivener” thermosette with me everywhere!

I’m not a T-shirt with image/text kind of person … mind you each year I tell myself I must get one made to wear in November saying “I’m British … Thanksgiving has nothing to do with me!” … Sorry Portlanders and other sundry cousins from across the pond; it’s one bit of American cultural imperialism here that gets my goat, the Chinese being encouraged to believe that Thanksgiving is an international Western festival!

Hmm … I’m persuading my wife to go into Scrivener as she’s involved in helping a friend write cook-books. She’s too busy on other projects at the moment, and the next book is not under way yet, but I hope she’ll be buying Scrivener in the new year, so I’ll make sure she orders it on a USB stick. For me, if you do have bigger capacity ones as merchandise, that’s what I would actually like.


Oh, and while I’m here, I do think that the Scrivener logo is absolutely the coolest logo of all time! I just couldn’t believe it when whoever it was who had just bought Scrivener, many moons ago, immediately joined the forum to suggest the logo should be replaced by one of a typewriter … thinking that would be an improvement! I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of the Scrivener logo first to be able to use it as my own! :slight_smile:


Yet more …

Just tried to go to so I could send wife and daughter instructions about getting me a couple of mugs and whatever as Christmas Presents, only to find that the site seems no longer to exist. Is this a temporary glitch, or has it gone down in the general financial crash? :confused:


The site seems OK to me, so I guess it must have been a temporary glitch. If it is still down for you, perhaps this might be something to do with your location? (Although cafepress seems like a rather odd site to block.)

Exactly the same: instant alert “Lost network connection”. I’m quite willing to believe it is down to the site being blocked … they block sites which are equally bizarre from that point of view, but as it’s done automatically basically, it only requires a few strings which are on a prescribed list (and “press” may well be one of them) for the firewall to go up. Mind you, normally on blocked sites, it just goes on sending a request until it finally times out … not this alert. Maybe they’re blocking the entire hosting system that cafepress uses! But when Keith first launched the merchandise, I could get on the site. Oh well … I’ll just have to get on to the family and get them to do their own search of the site.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gutter!!! Gutter!!! :open_mouth: :cry: Another failure. I was aiming for the Sewer. Ah well, I`ll just have to book a few lessons from Paul (the quietone).

Since I am here, and this thread is likely to attract the attention of most of Scriv`s covetous crew members, I, being nothing if not opportunistic, wish you all, A Happy Christmas, and a New Year free from trouble and woe.
Take care