Scrivener Windows/Mac Compatibility

I am moving to Windows and wanted to know if I use the latest version of Scrivener for Mac to create a document if I will be able to open/edit that document in the latest version of Scrivener for Windows without losing any formatting?

I just installed to most current versions of Scrivener for Mac, Windows and iOS. I can tell you that the Mac and iOS versions work well together, but a Scrivener file created by the Mac version cannot be opened by the PC version. I was quite disappointed in this… I set up Dropbox on all three machines to use as a sync point for the files. I created a new project on the mac, saving the files in the Dropbox location. On the iPad (iOS) I was able to open and edit and resave the project. On the PC, I was unable to open the project, was given the error message “This Project was created with a newer version of Scrivener, please check for updates” Sadly, I had installed the most current version of the PC software and there are no updates available. I have not tried going the other direction… good luck!

In Mac Scrivener 3, you want the File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project command.

To avoid this in the future, you can use Mac Scrivener 2.9 for projects shared with Windows Scrivener. It will accept your Scrivener 3 serial number and can be downloaded here:

iOS Scrivener can read either format, but can’t convert between the two.

The Win Scrivener 3 beta can also read the Mac Scrivener 3 format, but it is a beta.


Thanks for the replies everyone and I will adjust accordingly.

Where can we get the Win Scrivener 3 Beta? If we are willing to try it?

You can get it here (make sure to read first, as advised): … 57&t=40621

How in the world do I export my Mac projects into Windows? I’m using Mac version but need to move everything into a Windows computer and am clueless. I’ve realized that I can’t just copy and paste, but can’t find step-by-step instructions on how to make this work. Any help is greatly appreciated!

See: … patibility

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks! So, if I’m understanding correctly that essay on “cross-platform compatibility,” I should be able to just copy my project from Mac v 2.8 and open it in the new Windows version I just purchased? Why are all my files not there? I must be doing something wrong?

Yes, the version 2 format has always been directly compatible with Windows version 1. Nothing special needs to be done in order to share a project between them (you can even three-way sync with iOS).

As for copying the project to your computer, I couldn’t speculate without more information on your process. It should be a relatively straightforward procedure of copying a file (the project) from the Mac to the PC using whatever method of transfer you prefer. But I myself prefer to zip projects up before copying them around, since they are in reality a bunch of files and folders. It’s faster to copy one compressed file than potentially thousands of little files. Use the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… menu command on your Mac to save a zipped copy. If you’re using file sharing, you could even do that directly to the PC. Once copied, extract the project from the .zip file on the target machine.

On a Mac the whole project package looks like a xxx.scriv file. On a PC, that same project will be a xxx.scriv folder, which you open by double-clicking the .scrivx file. Note the X!

Thanks, everyone! I will try this again.

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been beating my head against a wall for the last two days trying to get a project transferred from Mac to Windows. :smiley:


Is there an ETA for windows 3?

Latest status update here: … tus-update



L&L is no longer providing ETAs.

Thanks. I was dealing with a dying Mac and trying to decide what to do… did decide on a Surface and hope Win3 catches up soon!

I’ve been a patient scrivener user since 2014. Have consistently purchased new licenses when necessary.
Finally decided to get a Windows license as well - only to find out that there are compatibility issues that require me to either a) take extra export steps, or b) downgrade to a legacy version on my mac.

Seriously. It’s been 2.5 years.
If you’re not going to fix the windows/mac compatibility just tell us.