Scrivner IOS


I have just paid £15 for the IOS app and I am not happy.

I have never figured out how to save files on my mac or my ipad properly or how either of them works. I have never tried to use Dropbox before or any other cloud system and now I have downlaoded it I can’t be bothered to figure out how it works either.

I didn’t bother to read the instructions or follow the tutorial because I am male and shouldn’t need to do so.

However I will complain about wasting my money on this useless app and will leave a 1 star review on MAS.


(Sorry that was satire having just read the bollox that KB et al have to deal with!)

Don’t worry about it , Foxy, mate. When Scriv encounters BOLLOX OVERLOAD, it triggers an automatic response:
Hope this helps :wink:

Oh ugh, really? (The reviews, not your satire.) Doesn’t surprise me, though. It’s like a recipe blog, where half the comments on a cake recipe are from people who used black beans instead of flour, applesauce instead of eggs, and agave nectar instead of sugar and wonder why they didn’t get a chiffon cake.

The sport here is deeper than I expected, since every review on the App Store so far is an enthusiastic five star review. Or maybe I have somehow stumbled into the App Store of the afterlife where all the reviews are blisteringly positive.

I was really looking forward to some good bollox.


KB must be the master turtle to have a shell that thick (that’s a reference from LONG LONG AGO IN A FORUM FAR FAR AWAY that is almost an inside joke for us old timers).

The latest rounds of forum users (some time after windows was added) have really turned me off from EVER running a product company that takes and feedback from customers. Sure that is bad for the “open source minded” folks, but for centuries feedback to companies was limited to focus groups. And no one cared.

Which is me saying “BAH HUMBUG!” to ever doing another startup.

Is there anything you don’t say “BAH HUMBUG” to (with the exception of Mrs Jaysen*)?

[size=85]And I suspect that’s only because of her well known* expertise in skillet weaponry
**She must be so pleased you’ve distributed knowledge of her talents so broadly :smiling_imp: [/size]

She prefers wide distribution of her … talent. “Strike the fear of … Never mind” she says.

And I tend to not humbug sunsets, good rum and scotch, and fresh fish that I’ve caught and cooked. Other than that… eh.

I didn’t realise this was a thing, so I googled it and, sure enough, you can apparently switch out 1/4 cup of apple sauce for each egg in a recipe.

Although I tried it and the hollandaise was f*#king disgusting.


you owe me a keyboard and monitor

Or an abacus and a Black & White TV.

Y’ know, even abucussisisises have bugs, too :frowning:
Image 02-08-2016 at 14.06.jpg

I’ll buy you a beer next time you’re in town.

close enough. I’ll start working on the tickets…

Okay, what is this discussion supposed to be about as the originator stated that he was being satirical (comical, maybe)? Nothing? Wonderful. I just wasted a part of my life reading all this.

You’re welcome!!

What unwasteful things were you prevented from performing by reading this?

A auestion: a cursor, is that someone cursing?

Reading Foucault’s Discipline and Punish. Can’t get distracted. Oops, here I am again, getting distracted. :slight_smile:

Why should Foucault’s discipline be of interest? What discipline is it, by the way?

It’s homework for class. It’s a history and study of penology in the 17th and 18th century. It’s what happens when a philosopher decides to write something legal, and ends up writing something that’s neither artistic, philosophic, nor legalistic but rather is a composite of all three.