Setting Scrivener to only count my Draft folder as history

I love the “Writing History” feature. But I just noticed that it’s counting words that I put in folders other than my actual draft. My writing history says all zeros for my Draft, and all the numbers are counted from my “Manuscript” folder as well as others (Research, Characters, etc). I don’t know how to set where Scrivener picks up the word count. I have probably renamed and reinitialized my original “Draft” folder from the creation of the project several times – so if there’s something special about the default folder, I’ve probably lost it.

There are only three essential folders in any project – the Draft, Research and Trash folders. You can rename them, but you can’t delete them, and you can’t move them into other folders.

The Writing History feature ‘knows’ which is the original Draft folder, even if you’ve renamed it, so the column always has the title ‘Draft’ even when you’re renamed the original folder, and even when you have another folder called ‘Draft’ in the project.

If you’ve been writing your manuscript into a different folder (even if its name is ‘Draft’), it’s still not the special folder, so the word counts will always appear under ‘Other’ in Writing History.

An easy way to correct this is to right-click on likely folders until you find one where all the items under the ‘Move’ menu is greyed out – that is the original special Draft folder. Then move your working manuscript documents from the ‘false’ draft folder into the real one.

From now on, new words should appear in the ‘Draft’ column of writing history. BTW, I don’t think this will change the historical figures.



OMG, you did it! Yes, that’s exactly what happened. I moved my original Draft folder out somewhere during some major re-org, and it was buried way at the bottom of my list. I never noticed. All is well now. Thanks so, so much.

I do have one more question (for the moment, I admit). What’s the difference between these?..

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Answering my own question…

Excellent – I’m glad it helped!