Shrunken Text after Windows 11 Update

After the Windows 11 (forced) update, some of the text in my editor is shrunken. Like, so tiny I can hardly read it.
It’s happening in 3 places: At the top of my editor, where the tiny header/title for the section I’m working on is displayed. The label and status are shrunken too.

Is anyone else having this issue? It really defeats the purpose of being able to label something if you can’t read the label without a magnifying glass!
Anyone know of somewhere in the settings I might be able to adjust?

I’ve been resisting the forced update to Win 11 for reasons just like this - I don’t know how well Win 11 will behave with the programs I use regularly, so I have Windows Update set to let me review and approve updates before they’re installed. I’ve caught it trying to sneak the forced update past me at least 3 times so far…

Depending on when that update happened, you might still be able to roll back to Win 10 if you want to,: