Snapshot Bug?

I seem to be running into a snapshot bug wherein my snapshots never seem to appear once I close the program. I still seem to have the .rtf snapshot docs in individual folders, but they never get shown in Scrivener. I’ve taken four and can see zero. Running 0.2.3 in Windows Vista 32.


I can’t see any of my snapshots in the inspector (tried different ways to get them to appear), but they seem to be saved as rtf files. That doesn’t make the writing process any easier, though!

Did you ever find a solution to this? Has anyone else had this happened and figured out what to do?

I’m running Windows 7 64 bit (I rue the day I chose 64!!) and I’ve done a fresh reinstall, but the problem is still there

Thanks…as my deadline approaches the lack of snapshot hurts more and more…

What version of Scrivener are you using? Latest is 026. If you haven’t already I recommend you upgrade However, please make sure you read the release notes as they contain important information. [url]]