So would you? (A useless poll)

Would you allow a well known author Ghost write for you?

  • YES! I would sell out in a heart beat and use all that money to vacation and stay drunk!
  • NO! I would stick them in the eye with the caps lock key and stay original.
  • UNKNOWN! I would have to kick the three legged dog around the ship while I pondered this.

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So if a well known author (Think Tom Clancy or Stephen King as example) came to you and offered to “ghost write” for you 3 novels would you let him or her?

Or would you stick them a rigid caps lock and do all the work yourself?


I don’t write for money. ::snort:: I laughed so hard I snorted. I write because I would simply die if I didn’t. I can’t remember who said that first, Asimov or Bradbury… should look it up. OK. I did.

According to the quotations page:

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die.
    Isaac Asimov
    US science fiction novelist & scholar (1920 - 1992)


Can’t we just kick the dog without having to decide?

Hmm … am I being a hypocrite? Since I spend much of my time when I’m not teaching editing stuff that other people have written, I guess I am a ghost-writer of sorts myself.

And that provokes another thought, that one of my fears is that as far as everyone else is concerned, particularly here, what I am really is a disembodied, walking brain … that that’s all they see of me. Puts another slant on the notion of “ghost writer” :open_mouth:


I knew you would “ponder” this question for quite some time. (poor Vic-k)


What would you do if Jhumpa Lahiri or Michael Chabon asked you to ghost write a novel for her/him?

Which is the only kind of answer I can give to a beyond-the-pale hypothetical question.


I see a question like that on the same level as the perennial NaNo FAQ, “can I just upload a file with a single word repeated 50,000 times?”

Sure, other people might think I wrote a book. But I would know that I didn’t.

Impitoyable Mère de Lucifer!!
What kind of question is that to ask a ghost writer!! :open_mouth:
Borborygmos!! to you sir!
Le D :imp:

I kicked the dog - partly for the sadomasochistic pleasure it would bring, and because I don’t think I would sell out… But I can’t be sure.

(edited because typing on iPhone can produce some interesting effects when it doesn’t spell check in your style)

Those who write, because its in their blood, would still be writing, irrespective of whether or not some ghost writer had earned them fame and fortune. The money wouldnt satisfy the craving. Your most feeble effort is a part of you. Kings contribution isnt.

So! what are you? Writer or schyster :confused:

Take care


what is in my blood is mostly coffee at the moment.

Ahh, my naughty little pink,
Does not, nurturing those germinating seeds of inspiration, for some wonderful narrative twist, short circuit your synapses, and fill your mind with the illusory smell of ozone, from arcing neurological electrons…just as much…as lusting after those big muscular hairy macho Aussie firefighters?
Adieu Sweetness, adieu
Le D :smiling_imp:

NOW THERE`S A THING! :open_mouth:

“Him or her.” :confused: :blush: Do you know something the rest of us don`t?


Yeah!! But does she ghost write? :confused:

If Steven King offered to ghost write for me, I would be afraid. Very afraid. :open_mouth:

Anyone find it odd that we would rather beat-up on a crippled dog than have an already famous person help us write a book? Either we really want to write or we really want to beat up on a dog.

C’est la vie mon brave, c`est la vie!
Le D :smiling_imp:

AT ONCE! Absolutely yes.
Guess what, I don’t really like spending day after day in my study trying to get my thoughts and the story I’m writing synchonized. If there would be someone who could pick random thoughts out of my brain - or my balls, depending on the story, I s’ppose - and getting the story I wanted done - in opposition to the stories I really write - while I could stay on the beach the whole day, drinking cocktails while being entertained by…ah, well, not going to happen.


[size=85]BTW: I wouldn’t kick a dog. Any dog. I happen to LIKE dogs, three or five legged…[/size]

[size=85]So do I, but I have had some pretty bad experiences with dogs (who had bad owners) and had to kick a few just to keep my skin intact.

But this isn’t about dogs as much as vic-k. The kick that he needs is in the pants. We are all still stuck in the brain. He has yet to find his wifi hot spot. What the heck!?! He needs to get back to work or endure the kicking!