[SOLVED] Please, test “Check for Updates” in RC17

Hi guys, please run the Help > Check for Updates menu in RC17. Obviously you should get “no updates” message, but more importantly you should not get a crash.

If you experience a crash, please share any details about your network configuration.

Many Thanks!

Tested, worked fine.

Windows 10, Home

It worked fine!

Works fine, but I never had the crash to begin with, so this is expected.

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 with latest updates.

I’ve always used Check For Updates and never had a crash, but just to confirm it continues to work as expected in RC17. :slight_smile:

Works fine here.

Tested successfully.

Windows 10 Home. No previous problem with this function.

Same here, but I’ve also used it often and never had a crash in the past (windows 10 Home, 20H2, build 19042.746).

No crash here. Working as intended.

Windows 10, Surface Pro 6

Was perfect for me; no crash!

Please don’t shoot the messenger - but Scrivener still shuts down after about 8 seconds. Sorry! I was so hopeful after reading the replies that have gone before.

Peachy keen here.

Give some more info! Which version, 32 Bit or 64 Bit? Which version of Windows?



64 Bit Windows 10.

FYI Tiho has had full logs from me previously.

Thanks, SimWriter!

Could you please upload the last two *.dmp files from the “minidump” subfolder inside the installation folder and a log file generated with ScrivenerLog.bat.

For Tiho, The latest crash was at 15:03. Scrivener started with Automatically Check for Updated enabled. Closed after about 12 seconds.

Unable to add the logs/dumps to this message - I get invalid file extension errors. Emailling them to you.


I installed over the RC16 version. When I checked for updates it quit, like it had been previously. I will be doing an uninstall/reinstall later to see if that helps.

Sorry, in the middle of my work day, so I can’t dedicate tons of time yet ;)


Works fine for me.

I did an uninstall/reinstall and it’s stopping before I get too far. Maybe a bit longer than the last versions where it was first noticed.

That said, I’m going to do another unisntall and use CCleaner to clean up any extra stuff first. Just in case there is a setting somewhere that is causing problems.