Sorting the binder files

Is there a way of sorting the binder files according to their last modified date and time? I am now using Scrivener for all sorts of things. For note-taking, I use it with Dropbox and iOS apps. In iOS, apps can sort the many notes according to date modified, which makes it easy to have the last modified note on top of the list. In Scrivener, however, I don’t see an obvious way to do that, that is, to sort the files in the binder according to modified date (I understand Scriv wasn’t exactly written for this, but hey, when a tool is flexible, you realize you can use it for all sorts of things)

Any help?


The Documents->Sort menu is probably what you want. I found that, by the way, by going to Help->Search and entering the word ‘sort’, then arrowing down through the results. That is a very hand Mac OS X feature, available in most programs.

It only allows to sort alphabetically, not by modified date. I wonder if there is some other way of doing the trick

I think that there may be a way to do this via the outliner - you’ll have to fiddle around a bit, or search the fora for a recent thread about this very topic. :slight_smile:

smacks head Yeah, I kind of forgot the original question while composing the “answer”. Sorry about that. The outliner will let you reorder on most meta-data. I hope you get this issue sorted, as our UK friends will say. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing to note is that sorting in the outliner is just a view preference, it will not permanently re-order documents. You can however do this quite easily. Just click on the folder you want to sort, open Outliner, sort by the column you wish, then select all of the documents and drag them back into the folder in the Binder where they belong.

Important note: don’t try to do this to multiple levels of hierarchy at once, you could end up with a very scrambled draft! It’s best to collapse everything in the Outliner when doing a bulk re-order like this.

Thanks Ioa. That worked. However, since the info is there, can’t we add more functionality to the Documents > Sort function so that one can sort files according to different variables, rather than simply alphabetically? :slight_smile: