Split at (CTRL + K) issue

Seems when I use CTRL + K ---- “Split document at selection” — the new arrangement is not updating/syncing when a project is opened on other devices when using DropBox. I do not believe this is an issue having to do with the usual sync precautions…in other words, I’ve allowed a project in which I’ve used CTRL + K plenty of time to upload to the cloud before opening it on another device. Hope that makes sense 8)

If you create a new document in the Binder, does it sync? From the point of view of the file structure, there shouldn’t be any difference between creating a completely new document and splitting an existing one.


Hi Katherine

It does not seem to be syncing properly. The new file appears on one device, but not another

See this post for a guide to figuring out where the problem lies:


Since the update, if I click CTRL+K, instead of getting a split document into two separate ones, I get the message box for creating a link. When I click CTRL+L I get the same message. Seems to be a bug.