Split screen in IOS

I have read and re-read all the documentation and I still am unable to display 2 documents side by side within Scrivener. I have read the tutorial and the steps do not make any sense. I have looked at the on-line forums and nobody can explain step by step how to get a second document next to another document. Please help as I am unable to use this feature, that I know works.

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I just tried to do this as described here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/split-editor-view-in-scrivener-ios/34690/1 and it works fine: swipe left on the title of the document in Binder until I can see “More” option, then click “Quick reference”. This creates a second pane containing that document, alongside whichever document you are editing. Both these documents are then editable side-by-side.

This does appear to trigger a bug, though. If I select the LEFT document and hit the double arrows to maximise that pane, there is now no way back… until you hit one of the up/down arrows (top left), which magically makes the document title appear and back arrow.

Another related glitch doing this is that it does not appear that you can resize these panes.

Hi folks,

Few more points to add.

Quick Reference only works on the iPad.

You resize the panes by choosing Compact or Expanded in binder options. Expanded gives you a 50/50 split.

When you left swipe on a doc in the binder and designate it as Quick Reference, it is added to the Quick Reference list. Then, if you are editing a doc in the right pane and have the binder displayed in the left pane, if you tap on the title in the navigation bar above the Binder, you will see the list of Quick Reference docs, from which you can select one. This makes it really easy to bounce around between docs.

Steve, were you able to get the split screen to work for you?


A few fine details: :smiley:

  • Quick Reference also works on large-screen iPhones such as the iPhone 8 Plus when in landscape mode.
  • I don’t know about other screen sizes, but the Quick Reference pane, even with Expanded sidebar, is always narrower than the main editor on both my 9.7" iPad and on my iPhone 8 plus.

Okay, now when I get home from work I’ll have to measure it…if I can find the darn ruler… :mrgreen:

One final note for @SteveB: This Quick Reference trick only works if your (large enough) iOS device is in landscape mode (at least for iPads that are a mere 9.7" :slight_smile: ) If you’ve tried it in portrait mode, please give landscape mode a try.

Some nice tips there, thanks :slight_smile:

Silverdragon is correct as always! :smiley: The Quick Ref side on my iPad Air 2 (9.7) is in fact narrower than the right side. Shows you how observant I am.

You can access Quick Ref docs in portrait mode, at least on my Air 2, but the left pane slides in and out similar to how the binder works in portrait mode. Not so good if you want to edit 2x docs side by side, but very nice if you just want another doc handy for…Quick Reference. :mrgreen:

I highly recommend reviewing the iOS Tutorial, if you haven’t done so in a while. I run through it every now and then, and am usually surprised at some cool trick that I had missed or forgotten. Keith’s packed a lot into this wonderful app.


Thanks for all the answers, guys. What a great bunch of people to have on this forum. Okay, I’ve got it now. I didn’t realise that you had to swipe sloooowly. Also it helps a lot if you only swipe part way so that you get the "More’ button and the ‘Move’ button to appear together. If you do it fast and too far to the left, the ‘More’ button gets covered over by the ‘Move’ button, and after that, nothing makes sense.
Taa very mutchly. I must have spent over an hour trying to get that to work

I am seeing what appears to be a bug here too, but not quite the same as you.

If I am in split screen and select the LEFT document to put it into editing mode, the double arrows and sync icons appear in the upper left corner of the LEFT pane. Pressing the double arrows puts the RIGHT document into full screen mode, which is a bit odd because it’s the LEFT document that I was editing and the double arrows were in the LEFT pane. From there, if I press the LEFT document name in upper left to return to split screen, the sync icon reappears, but the double arrows are dropped from the upper corner in the LEFT pane and now appear on the upper corner of the RIGHT pane.

My assumption is that Keith’s intent was to only allow the RIGHT pane of a split to be full screen, and that the movement of the double arrows is some strange interface anomaly, but I’ll probably file a bug report anyway.

Are you folks seeing the same behavior?


Scrivener 1.1.5 (1301), iOS 12.2, iPad Air 2…
When I edit within the Quick Reference (QR) panel in Compact or Expanded view, the double arrow expand option (and the sync icon) isn’t visually available for the QR panel. It’s only available for the Editor. I don’t use DB sync, so this might explain the difference in behaviors.

I confirm the following behaviours :

  1. iPhone 8 Plus : Double arrows appear in the QR pane top toolbar whilst editing it, but tapping the arrows expands the main editor.
  2. iPad 6g: Whilst editing in the QR pane, double arrows appear in the main editor toolbar; tapping them expands the main editor as implied by placement.
  3. On both devices: When the main editor is expanded, a link appears in the top left of the toolbar. Tapping this link restores the QR pane.

In my opinion, only the iPhone arrow placement is a bug, and at that a cosmetic one. This feature is intended as a quick reference, as shown by its behaviour on a narrow screen. It can be used as dual editors in landscape, but the Quick Reference (left) pane is always the secondary editor, intended by the developer primarily for viewing.

Not that it isn’t great as an editor! But I doubt that it will ever be equal in abilities to the main editor pane. Rather it will stay more like the Quick Reference windows on Mac, in which you can edit, yes, but are limited as compared to the main two editors.

Jim, a little more data for your consideration for the bug report (if you choose to file one):

Scrivener 1.1.5 (1301), iOS 9.3.5, iPad Mini 1…
Same as my previous findings––when I edit within the Quick Reference (QR) panel in Compact or Expanded view, the double arrow expand option (and the sync icon) isn’t visually available for the QR panel. It’s only available for the Editor. I don’t use DB sync.

Also see the QR image in KB’s blog post:
literatureandlatte.com/blog … ategory=60

The bug(s) appears to be introduced after linking DB. I don’t know if the linking should add either of the options (sync or full screen) to the QR navigation bar.

Folks, Thanks for the follow-up info. I started to type up a bug report, but as I was looking at the screenshots I thought, nah, this is too trivial to bother Keith with. I’m just going to drop it. :smiley:

No binder view on iPhone XS Max - the biggest iPhone screen. Apparently this is a know issue but given the lack of updates it seems unlikely to be fixed.

It’s why I only upgraded from iPhone 6s Plus to 8 plus; I’ve heard this before. I trust that KB has iOS updates on his overloaded plate, but didn’t want to be without my iOS sidebar until he gets around to it.