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maybe I missed it somehow from Windows version manual - is there a kind of Storyline view available, where one can arrange scenes according to the story line (character line)? Similar to what e.g. available in Writers Cafe

I’m not familiar with the Writers Cafe, but there are four features in Scrivener which you might find useful for tracking your storyline.

  1. Scrivenings View—You can locate this view by selecting your draft folder—or any two or more documents in the binder—and going to View > Scrivenings. This will allow you to view those documents as if they were a single document. So, for example, you might select all those documents dealing with a particular viewpoint character to view at a glance how they work together. If you don’t like the order, you can move the documents around in the binder to achieve your preferred storyline order.

  2. Corkboard View—You can change to the corkboard view by going to View > Corkboard. Select a folder that contains documents or other folders to view each document or folder as a notecard. You can add text to each document synopsis to keep track of plot, character, settings, etc… You can even rearrange the notecards around to reorder your binder structure. I’ll often outline my novel using the notecards first to give me the structure first and then start writing it down based on the order I’ve setup. If I need to change it I can always reorganize the notecards or do it directly in the binder.

  3. Outliner View—You can change to the outliner view by going to View > Outline. This is yet another way of viewing your documents and folders. It’s similar to the binder actually except you can add additional metadata to this view such as the Synopsis, Labels, Status. It’s also a good way to track your storyline.

  4. Collections— Allows you to group or collect specific documents or folders into a collection. There are a lot of ways you can use collections. For example, if I want to keep track of a particular character arc I might create a collection with that character’s name and then drag and drop all documents into a collection named after that character. You can create a new collection by clicking the icon on the Scrivener Toolbar next to the binder that looks like a blue folder with files contained in it. Then go ahead and click the + button next to Colections to create and name a new collection. Then it’s just a matter of dragging documents from the binder into that collection.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for the detailed answer!

Probably, the closest view to that “Storyline view” is a Corkboard View.
But it is missed one important feature - draw color lines per Character (or per Storyline). This is how it is done in Writers Cafe: … medium.jpg

It’s available in Scrivener 3, you can try the Windows Beta to see. Download it from:

Be aware that if you open your project in v. 3, the format will be converted, and a backup of the v. 1.9 project will be created. But any work you do on it in v. 3 Beta will not be reflected in the v. 1.9 version, and v. 1.9 cannot open projects in the v. 3 format. So you need to think carefully about your priorities.

My collaborator has been using the betas for about 2 years now with no untoward problems, but it has significant differences particularly in the compile system, so where you are in your project(s) and any deadlines you may have need to be taken into consideration.



Ok, good to know that it comes to Windows version. Thanks!