[Suggestion|LH1692] Usability on Windows 10 Tablet screens


I haven’t seen this topic yet, but I use Scrivener primarily on a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. When I use the beta in tablet mode and the onscreen keyboard pops up, it always covers the bottom of the text window. Also, when I use my finger to scroll through the text, it selects the text instead of scrolling like most other text -editing software. Will the new version of the software support tablet screens and have features that make it easier? That would be great!

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Also, when I tap the text window to change the position of the cursor, the onscreen keyboard doesn’t pop up like it does in all other text-editing programs.

For the previous version of Scrivener and this beta, I usually use the ‘split screen’ for the text window and then position my onscreen keyboard over the lower window, It would be nice to have a more graceful and/or automatic solution.

Like this…

Any response?

Is anyone from the scrivener development team reading the comments on this board? Some tablet support would be really helpful for the new version, and would be the only thing that would make me upgrade.


Hello! Sorry for not responding earlier, we’ve been working through the holiday backlog. I’ve logged your suggestions for us to take a look at for the future. Thanks for the input!

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Cool, thanks! Sorry for the slow reply, I haven’t looked into this in a while. I’ll check out the newest version when I get a chance.

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