support new glass trackpad features on latest macbook

I’m new to Scrivener, currently in the trial period. Thank you so much for this product, and what seems like an excellent support forum.
I’m a new Mac user too, and have already become very dependent on Mac’s new glass trackpad, where with a mere touch of two fingers I can expand web text. I was wondering if you were planning on incorporating this feature into your software so that I could make more use of out this great Apple innovation. Apparently, Pages for iWork support it, but Scrivener seems far more suitable for my novel writing.
Thanks again for all your hard work.


Actually, all the underlying code that would give developers access to the new trackpad features (“gestures”) aren’t available to developers in Leopard (because Leopard was released before this hardware feature was available). That is, there are no public frameworks that allow developers outside of Apple to take advantage of such features (which is why they only appear in Apple programs at the moment). I believe that they are becoming public in Snow Leopard so that all developers will be able to take advantage of them, so when I start looking at Snow Leopard compatibility I will look into adding such features.

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Hi Keith,

Just thought you might be interested to hear that I subsequently found out that Pages on iWork does not support the glass trackpad ‘gesture’ features - you may well know this already - I was told originally by the Apple support people on the phone that Pages would definitely support gestures, but that was incorrect, and Apple have confirmed this.

Since I posted last week, I have been ‘Scrivening’ on a daily basis and am even more impressed with this software a week into it. At this rate I’ll be more than happy to sign up for Scrivener when my trial period is up.

Thanks again for your hard work,


Hi, Keith. I believe the features are available to third-party apps now: tweetie for the Mac has the 3-finger gestures.


Interesting. Another raspberry for the Pages development team. I just tested a Pages file with my Magic Trackpad, and the only gestures that work are the cursor and scrolling. Same with Nisus Writer Pro.

Kara’s message about the lack of Pages support was over two years old. I just fired up Pages 09 (version 4.0.4 build 614) on my 13.3" 2.4GHz UniBody MacBook (late 2008) running 10.6.5 (10H574). Cursor, drag, scrolling, page forward/backward (3 finger), zooming, and rotation all work fine with the built-in trackpad.

I looked on Apple’s support forums a bit. If you have 10.6.4 or better, you should be good to go with the magic trackpad in Apple and third-party apps. If you’re in proximity of an Apple store, you could book a genius bar appt to see what’s wrong. I’ll try a magic trackpad with Pages and Tweetie for Mac next time I’m in an Apple store.

Yes, trackpad gesture support was added to the public frameworks in Snow Leopard. Scrivener supports a few of them - you can zoom in or out of images and rotate them using pinching and rotation movements for instance (images files in the editor, not images in the text). Further gesture support is on the list for down the road, although it isn’t trivial and will require a good bit of planning and design.

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Hi, Keith. The three-fingered gesture support in the Twitter App (formerly Tweetie; released today in the new Mac App Store) is very slick. It’s very nice to navigate through the different views without ever pointing with the trackpad. Swipes seem to take less mental effort and are faster than pointing.

As I say, it’s on the long-term plan but isn’t a high priority.

The new Twitter Mac client UI is rather controversial. Gruber had an article about it on his blog: Uniformity vs. Individuality in Mac UI Design.

This is peripheral to the feature request, but I thought it was an interesting discussion.