Table of Contents for .epub format

Hello, Scrivener forums! I am really enjoying writing my manuscript with Scrivener. I am nearly finished, and I am getting ready to publish in .epub format.

I have just one problem: I would like to automatically generate a Table of Contents. This is working, but I would like to place it after the Foreword and Dedication sections. There is a compilation option to match the name of a particular section and place the contents there, but it is not working – I just get a page with the section name and no links. See images.

EDIT: New accounts can’t add attachments, please find screenshots in my Google Drive

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The intended mechanism for doing this does not work. That thread lists the only workaround, as even creating your own custom ToC listing (which requires you to add your own links, and is meant more for cases where not all of your sections should be listed rather than simply moving the location of the ToC in the page flow) doesn’t work. It refuses to accept where you put it, and always relocates it to the very beginning.

Here is another more recent thread with more discussion.