Templates for each project

I like to use different styles and different layouts of my writing environment in different projects {color of the binder, paper, the margins, the font and so on). I made a few of them and save them as templates {I hope, this is the right word, since I use the German edition of scrivener}. Now the problem is this: every project I open is in the layout that I chose. I wonder if it is already possible or if it is coming in future, that you can connect a specific project to its own layout. In other words: I open my great novel about the sea and the binder is in this fantastic blue I chose. Then I open my great novel about the desert and the binder is in a sandy yellow and so on.

Technically, these elements are not a “template,” but part of the display “theme.”

To save them, do this:

  • Go to the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance pane and set everything up the way you want it.

  • In the bottom left corner of the Preferences pane, click the “Manage” dropdown menu, and select the option to “Save Theme Preferences as Preset.”

  • To load a theme, use the same menu.

At these time, themes are not associated with specific projects, so you’ll need to switch manually when you switch projects. But you can do it.


Thank you for the answer. I know where to safe and select those themes. But as I thought there is no way to connect a specific theme to a specific project. Is that something that is coming in a future version?


No, there are no plans for anything like this, sorry.

All the best,