Templates (Mac and PC)

I am new to this forum, but can’t find any reference to possible areas where people have shared their Scrivener Templates? I use both Mac and PC versions with my wife and would love to hear from anyone if they’ve updated other templates and or created their own templates they’d be willing to share.

Presently, I’m working on a Grant template and would love to hear from others with what you may have done. Thanks, Sorli…

If your grant is an academic or technical one , then you may be interested in using a Pandoc-based workflow like my Scrivener + Quarto template:

The benefits of this workflow are that you can flexibly output to many formats (HTML, EPub, DOCX/ODT, PDF using TinyTeX by default), and you can make a simple change to the template to output to a growing number of journals without editing your source: Quarto - Journal Articles.

Pandoc is not for everyone, but Quarto wraps pandoc up as a simpler package including a lot of advanced functions like academic metadata (affiliations, contributions etc.), detailed cross-referencing, full citation & bibliography output for thousands of journal formats etc. The template uses Scrivener’s tools (tables, lists, links, styles, section types etc.) for almost everything. This means you are not restricting yourself if you want to use a different workflow in the future.

The main downside is the need to install quarto, and the fact my template post-processing script is designed for macOS; the paths need to be modified to work on Windows (I don’t have a system to test, but the changes should be simple).

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Thanks for the help and information. Yes I’m presently applying for a government (technical) grant and could use some help with the format and basic outline required.

Either way, I’ll checkout what you referenced earlier and thanks again for the help.