Text-To-Audio File, or Text-To-Speech-To-Audio File?

I am pretty sure that there is not yet a way to convert or capture the audio from the Text-To-Speech feature, nor that there is a way to directly convert Text to Audio, but are there any plans for this?

I would find it useful to be able to listen to my writing on my Android mobile when I am out-and-about, and an audio file of my writing would satisfy that need.

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There are third party apps that do that.
I’m not saying that Scrivener shouldn’t implement it, but that perhaps for the time being that could be a solution for you.

Or record it yourself :

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Many thanks, Vincent_Vincent.

Yes, I could go the route of recording from the Sound Card, but that would involve playing back and recording (internally, as you say) in real time, and I would prefer to just be able to convert a selected text file or text selection.

Good idea, though.

Then look for an app. There are a couple out there… maybe even some are free.


Sorry, I should have added to my reply that I was just thinking of waiting for Scrivener to implement this feature (I hope).

I did not actually think of looking for third party software to do this, so thanks for the suggestion, and for finding the article.

You have been very helpful - I appreciate it a great deal.

Ok, well…
Beside writing, I have been working intensively with music recording softwares. And so I can tell you this :
For an app to be able to convert text to an audio recording, it needs to have some sort of audio engine.
Just sending the instruction to the OS voice emulation won’t do, as the result also needs to be internally “recorded” (or compiled to an audio file if you prefer). In other words, the audio output first needs to be fully handled internally so that the software can produce the desired audio file. (It can’t just tap between the OS output and your computer’s audio out, it ain’t that simple.)
Meaning in that case (I ain’t a Scrivener guru, but I have this for an opinion), that Scrivener being a software dedicated to text editing, you may very well end up waiting for quite a long time.

It is a good suggestion for the wishlist, but if it is something you need, like now or soon, I think you should look for a third party app.

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I have also been using music recording software - for many years (and before that, usng recording hardware since the late 70s).

And I take your point, but I was very surprised when some of the DAWs began to add video recording and editing technology to their feature and tech sets, so you never know what might happen with Scrivener and the possibility of it adding an audio engine.

(I guess I should not be surprised that Reaper has added video functioning - Justin and the other Cockos development team are so progressive).

I too have used Reaper for many years, and find that its development model, business model, and overall standard of brilliance have totally spoiled me when it comes to evaluating other softwares. Would that all software were as overall fab as Reaper. And cross platform to boot. (As it happens, my music player for everyday listening is still Winamp, Justin’s first audio app.)

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A kindred spirit :grinning:

I agree with everything you so eloquently say about Reaper.

The achievement of Justin and the Cockos Development Team with Reaper is astonishing.

And, the Reaper Team are interested in providing a comprehensive and quality piece of software at a price which gives unparalleled value for money.

I really appreciate Scrivener’s incredibly cheap price, too.

Indeed, Scrivener’s value is fantastic, and so are the L&L team. Scrivener’s multi-document “writer’s studio” concept is just brilliant. It’s interesting, both the differences and similarities between Scrivener and Reaper.

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Agreed - they are very similar conceptually, and in other ways. :smile:

I have an app that can do this separately but wish I could do this within scrivener as well.

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Welcome to the forums, Leslie, and thanks for the support for this idea.


I actually created a specific topic in the ‘wishlist’ forum, suggesting/requesting this feature, so if you want to add your voice in support there, it might be seen more visibly

In general, that’s not how L&L rate feedback. If you’re going to add support for a wishlist idea, focus on expressing use cases, workflow, etc. that weren’t covered by the existing thread (rather than just “yes please” or “me too” or other similar non-substantive posts that try to vote.) This helps give the L&L team more data to better assess the requested feature, how it would impact a larger variety of users, and maybe figure out the best way to implement such functionality (which often isn’t the way it’s originally requested.)

The dev has stated multiple times the wishlist forum is not a voting platform.

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Thanks, devinganger.

I was focusing more on what I said about making the request more clearly visible, which is, presumably, part of the reason for their being a specific wishlist forum, in addition to there being ‘wishlisth’ tags for messages posted in other forums.**

I take your point stating reasons for usage, usefulness and so on, and if you look at second sentence of my initial post (first post in this thread), I did just that.

Hi @gvdv ,

If this scenario arises again, where you realize a post of yours would be better served being in a different forum–rather than creating a second post, I recommend that you PM a moderator and request them to move it to the more appropriate forum.

This would be better a situation all around than having two posts. Better for you, because replies supporting your topic won’t be split into different posts. Better for the forum, for the same reason, as well as reduced duplication.

In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if a mod comes along and combines your posts. They’ve been doing that a lot lately. :sunglasses:


My response was aimed at other people who may read this thread and think, “Oh, hey, I should go pile on some +1 posts!” – which we have seen far too much of, over the years, including some people new here arguing with L&L about how they “should” be handling user feedback.

Thanks, Jim.

That is a great idea - and of course, one which I did not think of.