Thank you for new Style & Compile system

I just finished spending bits and pieces of the past week tinkering with the new style system and creating new custom formats. I abandoned Scriv2 in part because the lack of styles made editing a bit of a PITA, and for a while wrote in Markdown, compiled to LaTeX or ePub on my own. When I saw Scriv3 released I promised myself to give it a go.

The current style system appears to be a game changer. It is a bit clunky when mapping to the ePUB/MOBI layouts, but that only took a few minutes to figure out by decompressing the ePUB to HTML and inspecting in Chrome. I would like to be able to set the HTML tags (not just the styles) for accessibility reasons, and wish it were HTML5 than XHTML; but I assume there are limitations using the ePUB format that would undermine my nits. :slight_smile:

All this to say: thank you for styles. It is a marked improvement over Scriv2. Thank you for the new compile system; another marked improvement over Scriv2.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re liking it!

The ePub HTML is HTML5 - ePub requires HTML5 XTHML. (All the text has to go through MultiMarkdown as an intermediary to achieve this, given hat there are no good rich text > HTML5 converters out there for Apple’s text system.)

What do you mean about being able to set HTML tags, by the way? There is quite a lot of control over this. You can add named

sections around section layouts, for instance.

All the best,

If you want to add HTML tags the easiest is to use styles with prefix/suffix, for example you can create an “Info Box” paragraph style in the editor, then in compile format make a style with the same name and add the


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 23.00.16_SML.png
Then add this CSS:

.infobox {float:right; width: 25%; padding: 20px; border: 1px solid #EEE;background:#DDD;} .infobox::before {content: "INFORMATION: ";}
And you will get a floating information box in your EPUB: