The ability to define multiple separators

Right now, AFAIK, you can only have one separator per type-- one for chapters, one for text, and so on. I’d like to have it so you can define more than one type of section separator, which would be very useful.

Thanks! We’ve got this on the list to think about, actually, so we may have something in the future that can handle more complex situations. One thing I do recommend (and it’s a method I use myself for some projects) right now is to establish your own dividers in the binder, basically through the use of a “Compile As-Is” document that serves solely as a separator. I name it something like “-----” to make it clear what it is, and change the icon so it isn’t a text page (I use a custom asterisk icon). The idea is that you type the separator into the editor and then place the separator file where you need it. Keep in mind you can insert things like page breaks via the Edit/Insert/ sub-menu.

You can then employ these into scenarios where a procedural approach does not work (splitting scenes into multiple items is a classic example), or as a way of having multiple types of dividers.

Consider the new Document Templates feature. You can keep an array of different special-purpose divider items and insert them freely wherever you need them, using the Project/New From Template/ sub-menu.

Consult Document Templates, §8.5 (pg. 72 on) in the user manual PDF for more information.