The display of search results is abnormal


Search results are displayed abnormally. When I scroll through the search results, upper and lower spaces are created.

It would help to know what version of iOS you are running. I do not see this in iOS 14.7. It may also be a factor of which binder settings you are using (tap on the gear button in the sidebar, when not searching).

@AmberV , I can reproduce this easily in iOS Scrivener 1.2.1, iPadOS 14.7.1, iPad gen 6.

  1. Open the tutorial project.
  2. Tap to open the Draft folder.
  3. Make sure that display of synopses in the binder is OFF.
  4. Search for something that will provide enough search results for the results list to be scrollable. I searched for “the”.
  5. Scroll the list. Triple spacing happens.

This bug was previously reported in this thread:

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Hello, AmberV.

I tested the things below on my iPad and iPhone. Blue arrows indicate the scroll direction, and red arrows indicate the spacing. And I attach the binder settings you mentioned.

The results show that the search results on both iPad and iPhone look strange. And the new fact is that if you search on the iPhone and go back, the app will end. I attach the video.

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Thanks for all of the details! The main trick was having enough search results to scroll with. On the iPad Pro I was using, even listing all of the items in the entire tutorial wasn’t enough. Once I duplicated the draft folder twice, to have plenty of content to scroll through, I saw the bug.

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