The hero's journey template

By the way, I thought it was going to be far more difficult. Thanks, it was easy as pie

Here is the file… and I included the Wiki explanation. I made each one of the steps a folder… in which you can introduce your chapters. This is what Lucas used for Star Wars and is a classic for many pieces out there… now to upload… let me see
The Hero’s Journey.scrtpl (285 KB)

Hi nadinbrzezinski,

You could drag the Myth Form files to your template of the monomyth and then you would have your excellent chapter by chapter set up along with each appropriate explanation at your fingertips.

Hope this helps.

What an awesome contribution. I’d set this up on Ywriter3 but since I’ve migrated to Scrivener I’m thrilled by your post. Much more than just the Hero’s journey.

Thanks for sharing it.

you are right both can be combined

What amazed me is that it took literally ten minutes to get the template

I use it extensively when I plot novels… and I know some software publishers have it already out as a template

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to create a template. Today or tomorrow I will create a tempate for the gaming e-zine I put out every six months. I can just do this with the features it has. And just pound away at them. So the final layout is not exacty it, so what? Exporting to my layout program and finishing it will be easy. Will also do a layout for the “toys” books and for some other RPG material… they are mission specific, but may as well put them up and share them, they may help a new RPG publisher out there. The hardest part is truly comming out with how the heck you organize this?

Keith, you created one hell of a program! and to the rest of you, thanks… will see about combining both templates and calling them something else… today when I take a break from editing the novella… will take a crack at that.

You welcome and another user of YWriter…

That is one hell of a program too.

And just like this one came from the needs of one writer.

Ya know… it’s a lot like life.


Currently being edited

since each stage has a different number of chapters usually.

The structure should not be that obvious to the reader."


And now that the cold is mostly beaten I will go ahead and do the mag (gaming) and probably the toys either today or tomorrow.

dangerous thing, the hero’s journey is. I like it but it is very hard to disguise it. At least, I find it hard.

Very nice of you to post this. Thanks so much. I’m new to Scrivener and this forum, but this was a great find.

Arnie… 8)

You welcome, enjoy…

Me, will have to put the novel on hold for a while… been using it to write it.

But right now have time to write ten minutes here, and five there, so writing an RPG book (that needs to be done anyway)



I am not sure regarding the “Myth Form” reference. It sounds like this was part of another template, but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Would someone please clarify?


I was referring to a two part template that I had posted (among others) in the Templates folder. It was a Master Fiction Template. It represented many hundreds of hours of work over many years as a professional writer all condensed into a Scrivener Template. I took down all of the templates I had contributed, including this one when the application went fully commercial.

My prerogative. I don’t want all my work floating freely around the internet for no return. The templates served their purpose during beta development. Keith’s main idea, i think, was that you, as a Scrivener owner, could make your own templates. I wanted to demonstrate how useful and versatile templates could be - and how easy it was to construct them. Job done.

You have lost nothing. They were meant for a very few beta developers while Keith was building Scrivener.

I will repeat. I do not want my work out on the internet for free. I invested a lifetime putting it together. It is a professional and teaching compilation of resources. It is not for general release.

The reference that nadinbrzezinski was making was to this material. It included a fully developed template (among others) of what nadinbrzezinski calls the Hero’s Journey - based on the references to Joseph Campbell’s original source material.

nadinbrzezinski has produced a brief outline version of the original source and the actual template included in the Master Fiction Template i had originally posted. nadinbrzezinski’s template is entirely adequate. You can easily flesh it out to suit your own needs. Just double check it - the first iteration nadinbrzezinski did missed a couple of critical chapters set out in Joseph Campbells original work. nadinbrzezinski may have now corrected that. I’m not sure.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for clarifying that – I just saw a reference to a template, and couldn’t figure out which template was being referred to. [Danger! Dangling preposition!]

work, go watch In the Name of the King: A Dragon Siege Tale… I am sure some of you will have the same reaction I did… I could almost tell what was coming based on Campbell’s work. But it is so well done, that most viewers will truly and completely miss that this is “following a formula.”

Why this is an extremely good example of the Path of the Hero…

What is more, if you are a fan of DnD like movies, this is a good dungeon crawl, and unlike the DnD movie, I could not tell when the hero leveled.

I can’t get this to work. My Mac sees it as a Quicktime Movie. Any thoughts on how to get this? Thanks for making it regardless.

If nadinbrzezinski opens the file then saves it to the desktop, then zips it, and reposts the zipped project - not the template, then you can open the project and save it as a template yourself.

I did this for Inkygirl at … 7&start=15

with the comic project from antony.

I suspect the problem might be an anomaly in leopard. 10.5.2 may fix it.


a brilliant template! Thank you for providing this!

I’m another who can’t get the file to open because it thinks it’s a movie file.

What should I do?

No idea, may be a problem with Leopard

And I am still fairly new to the Mac… don’t think I can send it to the WIN machine and reupload