The New American Dollar

Since the American Economy is cratering the Federal Reserve Bank has decided to issue a new Dollar Bill to better represent the strained economic times in America. Here is the new Bill.

New Dollar.jpg

And here I thought it was going to look like this:


I think that is what the loan agreement looks like.

jeeezz!!! my inlaws look like him :open_mouth:

Both of them? :open_mouth:

All of em!! :open_mouth:

I’m not sure what to say vic… I mean… all of them! :open_mouth: Was there an accident, something the family don’t like to talk about?

I dont know El. None of em talk to me anyway! [size=50]Suppose thats a blessing really[/size]

Yeah, means you’ll save a few pennies come Christmas. :smiling_imp:

I kind of expect vic-k looks like his in-laws based on these pictures.


Out of curiosity, you ever live in a house with infants or toddlers?

Thankfully no. I have this strange impulse to wrap them up and post them to the Arctic. It has therefore been suggested I avoid them where possible.

I thought so. No one having endured a night of infant “eloquence”, or the “eloquence” of a toddler would have that sig without 30 or forty apologies or emoticons.

I did debate the apologies, then, just as I was going to click those little emoticons I thought, hold on… I kept it in my pants for this very reason… peaceful nights, restful mornings, the ability to go out when I like. Life is so, so good. :mrgreen: I have nothing to apologise for.

I said they dont [i]talk[/i] to me. I didnt say they dont [i]take[/i]. Friggin freeloaders, arnt they? :frowning:

Anyway! Jaysen. El is as hobbled as you are. There`s a woman in his life! Kids…women, all the same, ones as bad as the other. :frowning:

I never said that you NEEDED to do any of those, just that anyone who HAD suffered with the “eloquence” of which you speak would have.

Mine are a bit beyond the age at which this expression is allowed. Yet I find myself frequently cursing the one responsible for teaching them advanced communication skills. When all they could do was be “eloquent” I could at least plead ignorance and the frustration was one of … discomfort shared. But now! Now I hear often just why the are choosing to express their “eloquence” and the frustration is one of … insanity.

Hence my frequenting the vacant place next to one Mr. K.

Umm… takes one to know one?

Got a few of those in my family (I use the term loosely) vic. What I find strange is the missus frowns upon my suggestions to have them knocked off. :frowning:

Ive tried developing really disgusting personal habits, y know, like wearing the same pair of under pants for a fortnight, instead of a week, and then pre-soaking them in the hand basin in the bathroom or the bidet, or hiding all toilet tissue, and replacing them with little squares of newspaper, well Im saying newspaper. What I meant was the Daily Sport. Shuffled together with squares of the Catholic Universe. Nothing works, just floggin the proverbial. :frowning:

:open_mouth: Is that to get rid of the in-laws or the wife vic?