Themes for each project

Hello! I would like to make a suggestion for themes. If possible, I think it would be awesome if we could be able to assign themes to specific projects instead of the themes just being global. I just think it could elevate the experience for those of us who love having aesthetics for each story.

Thank you in advance for the consideration!

One thing to consider – how would that work when users have multiple projects open at the same time? Which theme would take precedence?

None would, that’s the point. Each Project would just show inself in a different Theme.

Considering a Theme exist of saved preferences for the application, an application wide color palette and an application wide stylesheet, I don’t see this happening.

Even though I understand the appeal of having differently styled projects, Themes work on an application level.

Thank you for explaining the point I was making to me.

We also don’t have themes that are cross-platform compatible (and I suspect we probably won’t given the core differences in color handling between MacOS and Windows) — that would definitely be yet another reason why per-project themes would be unlikely.


Seeing as how it requires restarting the software (on Windows) to switch themes, it is probably well nigh impossible to have different application level themes applied to different windows like that.

This is however a feature request that has already been discussed:

If I choose a particular theme (accessed in Window, Themes), and apply it to my current project, that theme will be applied universally / globally to all projects.

It would make Scrivener even more versatile if one could choose a specific theme for a specific project.

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