There are no format toolbar actions avaliable in dark mode and spanish

I have the latest version of Scrivener for windows. I was personilizing everything, but when I changed to dark mode, changed the language and restarted the program (so both would be on) I noticed some of the “actions” on the format toolbar and the main toolbar went missing. I tried to customise the toolbars again, it gave me no problem with the main toolbar but as for the format toolbar, below the title “Available toolbar actions”, only 2 actions appear: the SEPARATOR and the GAP, nothing else. I have no more options to move to the other column (“current toolbar actions”) and put it in the toolbar.
I also have Scrivener set in Spanish (the preview) and I think, when I tried to fix it a while ago, that if I change one of those things (either the language or the dark mode) it allowed me to change the format toolbar normally again. But for doing so I have to restart the program and my computer is suuuper slow for that and it’s annoying.
Also, it does allow me to remove any elements the format toolbar already has, also to change the order of such elements, it just doesn’t allow me to add any more (other than the separator and the gap). And when I remove any element it has, it still doesn’t become available, it fades into oblivion never to return again…
I don’t know why this happens :frowning:

Your description sounds like this issue to me.

They are similar, but not quite the same I believe. My problem is with the format toolbar, not the main toolbar. And it’s not that it changes things when I switch to another language, it’s that it doesn’t let me change them (because no options appear when I try to customize it).

(I forgot I can upload pictures)

Thank you for replying though.

Okay, it could be there were multiple issues going on over time.

At any rate the good news is that this in particular is marked as fixed in the system, for the next update.

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