Threaded Outline View

Hi all

Sorry if this has been posted before but I’m desperate for some help. I really want to access the “threaded outline view” on Windows but cannot find it anywhere. I’ve seen a bunch of Mac videos with it on, does this functionality not exist on Windows?

On the tutorials, they click a button at the bottom of the pane (highlighted in blue) but it doesnt exist on my version. Can anyone help please?



  1. Are you using the v. 3 Betas? This is only available in version 3.

  2. You need to be in Corkboard mode, not Outline mode.

Beyond that, someone who has more knowledge of the Windows 3 Beta will have to tell you whether it’s been implemented yet or not and whether there are any associated bugs.



Thanks so much, Mark. Where do i get the beta from?

New versions are alway posted in that thread.


Thanks, I found it. Apparently it only lasts until the end of May. Is there the option to extend that?

No. Beta versions expire to avoid duplication of effort by making sure everyone has the most current bug fixes.

Please read the introductory post at the top of the beta forum.


They always release a new version before the old one expires.

It’s a beta release, so they expire. The developers post a new version on or before the expiration date of the previous beta release, and if you run it after that, the auto-updater seems to work okay. Afterward, you have to un-install and install the new version.

Do keep in mind that you’re signing up to be a beta tester, so you’ll be on the update-once-a-month-or-more treadmill, and discovering and reporting bugs to the beta forum is part of what being a beta tester is about.

Apologies all. I was out and about yesterday looking at this on my phone. I’ve had time to sit down and read through everything now. I shouldn’t have asked questions where the answers were freely available. sorry!

Thanks again for all your help and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can feed back.