Tiny icons...

Thanks for a great work on the beta! I know this has been said before, but I want to add a bit to it. On my 17 inch laptop (1920x1080 resolution, 125% scale which is recomended) the icons in the main toolbar are absolutely tiny. I’m not sure if you really intend them to be so small, I don’t think I’ve seen programmes with such small icons… :slight_smile: . On my 11 inch laptop however, they look just fine, bigger than om my larger computer.

If I change the setting to 150 % scale, they get much bigger (actually a bit to much) and not at all blurry, but that creates other problems.

Otherwise - great programme!


You might try turning off HighDPI mode in the Options, Anna.

I tried that. It didn’t change anything. Even closing and reopening didn’t help.

Really they are way to small.It’s practically impossibl to “decipher” them. To find the right one, I have to go over them with th mouse and read the text that then shows.
It is really really impossible to work with them. Why did you do that?

Please make them as bis as they are in 1.9.

This sounds more like an issue Scrivener is having with your screen resolution. Can you please upload a screenshot of the complete Scrivener window, guys. Thanks!

I don’t think that it’s due to the screen.
first, because the most tiny icons on the left are different from those on the right ( which are slightly bigger). Even the icons for formatting are bigger than those on the left.
Second, because they are fine in scrivener 1.9 . . I don’t see, why the icons should be different in Scrivener 3. Design or not design.

And I show you also the difference with Scrivenr 1.9. same PC ,same screen.
btw. the icons for text, cordboard and outline are nearly the same size in both Scriveners, but color helps a lot.
Here we go:

Now i changed the height of the tool bar.The icons don’t become (visibly) larger. there#s just more dead space above and beneath of them.
Anyway, in my portable devices ations like that create problems.

That’s your personal opinion I presume. I find the new icons pleasant and a perfect size on my 4k screen. Most of the time, I, and most of the Scrivener users, use it to write, not to stare at the icons. The bigger the icons, the more distracting they are. Which is bad.
And, no, they are not fine in 1.9, they are big and ugly and take too much space. I don’t see why 99% of the users must be punished, just so the 1% to have it their own way.

Hello again.

Disabling high resolution didnt help for me either. What I am saying is not that the icons should be exactly the same size as in 1.9 (I wouldn’t mind, but I can see a lot of people would…), but now they are difficult to distinguish from each other. As they look bigger on my smaller screen I guess it is not that you intentionally designed them to be very small?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand where the problem is. On my HD monitor, the Microsoft Word icons look smaller than Scrivener’s.
Why would we want them to be even bigger than that?
For a reference: the top row is from Scrivener and the bottom is Word.

Clipboard Image (1).png
Clipboard Image.png

The problem seems to be that Qt does not detect and use the proper resolution for your monitor, guys. As a result the icons that you see are not the sizes we designed them to be. Compare the icon size with the menu text and you will see the big difference in proportions. Qt claims that this has been fixed, but obviously they have not fixed it all, yet. In the next version we will include some more options for you to help you sort this out. Thank you for the screenshots guys. It is not that we designed the icons small, but Scrivener(Qt) is using a wrong resolution for your display, making the icons look tiny. I will file this in our bug tracking system. If you can upload some more screenshots in English with the tiny icons it will be benificial too. Thank You, all! Tiho

You can get rid of the whole toolbar, if you can’t concentrate on your writing, while it’s visible.

And it doesn’t help at all the discussion, when you get nasty.

We don#t spaek of the formatting toolbar, but of the menu toolbar. the formatting one is okay.


what is Qt?
adn can we do anything in the meantime to make it better for us? . I know , it’s beta … just asking

Qt is the 3rd party GUI library, which Scrivener is using. No, you can’t do anything at the moment. Can you please upload few more tiny icons screenshots of the complete Scrivener window and leave it all to us to solve it, guys.

Thank you! That makes sense. I am on vacation now, I will uppload some screenshots when I get back in a couple of days.

I too think that the format toolbar is ok, it is the main toolbar I’m talking about.

Again, I can’t understand what you are talking about. True, my first screenshot is of the Format Toolbar, but the second is the Main toolbar of Scrivener. The icons’ size is the same on both. Do you expect them to be in two different sizes?

On my screen, some of the icons are nearly as tall as the main toolbar (at default height).

In her screenshot, they appear to be maybe half that.

Also, the icons do not change size with toolbar height. If I shrink the Main Toolbar to 20 points (the smallest Scriv will allow), the icon frames are simply cut off. If I increase it to 50 points (the largest Scriv allows), more space is added, above and below.

Personally, I don’t even use the main toolbar – while not useless, it takes up screen real estate I prefer to use for writing.

Actually, that is because I have changed the height of the main toolbar in an effort to make the icons bigger. Here is another screenshot when I have changed back to default values.

I guess that if I could just make the icons a little bit bigger it would make a huge difference.

Might part of the problem be the lack of significant contrast between the toolbar and the icons?

Unfortunately, the only thing to be done about that at the moment is to change themes in Windows itself. Which I did.

Here’s a screenshot of mine (I tend to use browns and oranges in background; they’re easier on my eyes. Not for everybody)(test document):

This is not a full-screen screenshot.

And, looking at it, the icons still seem pretty durned small in that pic.

Yep. I think it’s most of the problem. See at [LH2754] Size of toolbar icons . The line-drawn icons in the main toolbar are dimmer when they’re enabled than those in the formatting toolbar are when they’re disabled. I think that’s just wrong, a miscommunication in the graphics specs.


By the rgb hex numbers, the main toolbar icon are #898989 when they’re enabled. A bit lighter than the formatting toolbar icons are when disabled, #7E7E7E.

At the other end, enabled formatting icons are near black at #444444, disabled main icons are barely visible and minimally differentiated from the enabled, at #9C9C9C.

Team Scrivener, please check for a specs goof. I can’t believe this was intentional. :smiley:

Rgds - Jerome