Title / subtitle question

I’m sure this is easy, but I can’t seem to figure it out. For most of my chapters, I’m using “Heading” section layout that has the chapter title on the first line and the chapter number on the second. (When compiling.) But for the last chapter, the epilog, I want to replace the number with the word “Epilogue”. How do I do that?

Here is a list of links that could help with that. They will go into the details, but it is pretty easy to do.

Basically just want a new section type, so that you can flag this one section in the draft as being an epilogue, and then you can very likely just go into the Assign Section Layouts area and pick one of the Layouts that prints the binder title by itself. Assuming the binder title for this item is called “Epilogue”, that’ll do what you need. Like I say the details are in the links above, if you’ve never done some of those things.

Thank you, Amber. I’ll check it out.