Transferring files from MAC to PC


I use a MAC and my co-writer uses a PC. When I send him the file, after it is extracted from the ZIP file and placed on the desktop, it fails to open and gives the error “The Project you are trying to open was created or saved using a newer version of scrivener than the one you’re currently using” etc - but when we go to update the PC version, only purchased a few days ago, it says it is fully up-to-date. Any suggestions?

When you share your project with a Windows user, you need to use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 2 Project… menu command, instead of just zipping it normally. The current stable version of Windows is using the older v2 format. Another option is for your colleague to use the public beta—but it is a beta, so unless they are familiar with living a little more dangerously, it would probably be best to stick with export method.

Note that when you get their revisions back you’ll need be asked to upgrade the project. The only thing noteworthy about this is that you’ll end up with a “backup” copy created alongside the original in Finder. So it would be a good idea to clean those out as they are made. In this context they won’t be of much use since the .zip they send will also be a backup.

I tried saving it as a scrivener 2 Project but we still are hitting the same error after i unzip the zip fileand move the file to the desktop. How do I get the older version if I uninstall and reinstall the newer one he currently has? I don’t want to put him on the beta version as he is not very tech savy.

If they have recently downloaded the installer .exe from the website then it will be the latest version. I wouldn’t worry too much about that angle—in fact it would have to be a pretty old version at this point to not read what you can export (I don’t think we even offer a download link for it anywhere).

My guess is that there is something unexpected about the project that is causing this error, which might not be entirely accurate in that case. Would the project be something you could share with support? If so, attach a zipped copy to the Windows support address, and let them know this has been exported from the Mac, and that you are having difficulties getting the project to open on Windows.