Troubleshooting Dropbox and Sync Issues

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For anyone having problems setting up Dropbox or getting Scrivener to sync between devices, we now have an in-depth guide available on our Knowledge Base which walks through all the basics of setting up and using Dropbox, along with a number of troubleshooting steps. You can find it here: … g-with-ios

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Having trouble with the iOS version in syncing.

In my drop box I have the file .scrivx for my project.

But when I go to the app it seems my only option to get that file into the app is the little circle arrows in the top right. When I click that try and sync my drop box the file never shows up.

I guess I’ll have to try loading it visa vi the ITunes folder way that is mentioned.

Wish this was more fluid a process.

The .scrivx is not a project. It’s an XML index file, the Binder in essence, and the setup on Windows (only) is that “opening” the .scrivx causes Scrivener to open the project. The project is a folder (.scriv).

If you keep thinking the .scrivx is a project, you’re headed for a world of hurt.

lol world of hurt. Rgr

Yes I see after playing in drop box that I was able to sync a different project.

So I’ll have to find the .scriv file and move that into my drop box then I think I’ll finally be able to sync to my phone.

No, this is not what @drmajorbob said.

Your Scrivener project is in a FOLDER ending in .scriv.

Here’s what you need to do on your PC:

  1. Find the FOLDER ending in .scriv. That should be easy. If your .scrivx was called MyProject.scrivx, your .scriv folder will be called MyProject.scriv.
  2. Move the .scriv folder to Dropbox.
  3. Move the .scrivx file into the .scriv folder.
  4. Allow the Dropbox app on your PC to completely sync
  5. Then and only then, sync on your iOS mobile device


The project should be in a Dropbox folder. It’s a .scriv folder, but depending on your Windows settings, you may not see the extension.

It should already be there, unless @SmithDylan moved it somewhere (thinking it’s a project). On the Mac, we don’t see project internals like the .scrivx file. It’s unfortunate that Windows users do. They have enough to deal with.

Yes, that was my assumption. :sunglasses:

I am using Scrivener on both a Mac Air running MacOS Big Sur 11.6.2 with Scrivener 3.2.3 and on a 3rd Gen Ipad Pro running IOS 14.4.2 with Scrivener 1.2.1. I have files synced through Dropbox. Files created on the Mac Air won’t open on the iPad. The App store doesn’t indicated that there is a newer version of Scrivener for the iPad, so can anyone tell me what I need to do to be able to work across platforms?

You don’t say what you tried, how you attempted to open, error messages, etc. So, difficult to help.

Probably your best next step would be to re-read and follow instructions in section 14.2 of the “Scrivener Manual”, and see the advice given above in previous posts.

Essential and sometimes forgotten … ensure Dropbox app running on all devices.

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: Quick Troubleshooting for iOS Syncing / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Thanks for this!

I began using Scrivener last year and had no trouble syncing my Mac and iOS versions. I’ve since been away for much of the year, and since coming back, have found that none of my new changes (made on the mac) sync to my phone.

I’ve been through the troubleshooting guides and discovered that the issue is that my Scrivener files are all being automatically saved to Dropbox as zip files. I can unzip them in Dropbox on the Mac and then they do sync to my phone, but it would be nice to not to have to do this manually. Is there a way around this?

Many thanks for any help!

I think the first step is to figure out what process is creating the zip files. it surely is not Dropbox.

i am wondering if these zip files are Scrivener’s backup files which you have erroneously saved to the Scrivener Project folder. And maybe the Scrivener project file (macOS package) is not actually in the Dropbox folder as you believe and Scrivener expects. Recheck your setup.

Otherwise I have no other ideas. Via internet search i can find as of yet that this is a problem than no one in the world has reported and noticed by search engines.

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I work on 2 computers simultaneously, and on an iPad. On my original laptop, everything is fine. On my iPad, everything is fine. On the “new” computer, I can’t get projects created on computer 1 to open on computer 2. I get an error: (file) seems to be an older format, but no binder.scrivproj file could be found inside it.

The files open just fine on computer 1 and the iPad, just the computer 2 is having issues. Is computer 2 just a newer version of Scrivener?

At the very top of this posting (which you have seem to have hijacked :wink:), see the link to Dropbox Syncing with iOS / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

My hunch is trouble is related to:

: using 2 computers and iPad “simultaneously”. Use Scrivener on only one device at a time, and make sure Dropbox completes synch before using another device.

Is the new computer running MacOS Monterey by chance? Dropbox has changed their default settings in a way that leads to this sort of error. See this article for more information:

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this was it exactly! thank you so m much for pointing me in the right direction. I finally got this sync issue figured out. really really appreciate it!

Hi, I have a scrivener for Windows, but I am thinking about getting the iOS version so I could easily write on a go using my iPad. If I sync all the files in dropbox can I still use the same file on my Windows and iOS version of the app?
Thank you.

I use the iOS and iPadOS versions in conjunction with my Macs so I see no reason why you couldn’t do the same by syncing Projects with Windows.

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I do exactly what you are asking about. I have Scrivener on a Windows laptop and an iPad Air and work on either, depending where I am. The link that rms points to above contains the information you need to make it work.

So long as you close a project on one device before opening it on the other, and leave enough time for Dropbox to sync it before closing the laptop, you should be fine.

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